“Annual” Peace star “Ma Xin: For the sacrifice of the police monument guarding the tomb!He carved his life into charity

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Do good said simple simple also said that difficult difficult also need money, time is the most important is the heart marsum, daqing city people’s congress, charity federation, vice President of heilongjiang province, daqing heaven cemetery co., LTD., chairman, ranghulu love enterprise confederation vice-chairman, ranghulu charity federation vice-chairman, daqing, the President of the funeral association and party branch secretary.Holding several jobs, he is doing such a charitable cause.”Lei Feng spirit, grow with me” Ma Xin was born in 1966 in anqing city, Anhui province, a cadre family, his parents gave him a good family education.In the initiation of education, lei Feng spirit let him benefit a lot, is to inspire him to move forward the spiritual power.”Serve the people heart and soul” “help others with no selfish interest” “be loyal to the communist cause”…The essence of Lei Feng’s spirit left a deep imprint on his bones, which laid a solid foundation for his success.In 1990, Ma Xin came to Daqing alone after graduating from Hefei University, majoring in economics and management.As 1992 ranghulu lamadian town plastics factory, the factory director, daqing fine chemical factory, established in 1994, to the later contracting out the comprehensive market, to take over the flower market, the construction, construction of golden rain mall heaven cemetery, along the way, at the same time of hard work, he did not forget to lei feng’s spirit, keen to volunteer services, for the society of great peace.In 2006, when Ma Xin was the general manager of Yuanwang Comprehensive Market in daqing city, he learned that there were 17 laid-off workers who were in extreme poverty among the tenants. He exempted the rent of 1.2 million yuan and subsidized all the expenses for their children to go to school.In 2010, Ma Xin invested 50 million yuan to build Daqing Jinyu Shopping Mall, which solved the shopping difficulties of more than 50,000 residents of 30,000 households and reemployed more than 2,000 laid-off workers.In 2014, after the approval of the provincial Department of Land and Civil Affairs, Ma Xin invested 120 million yuan to build daqing Paradise Cemetery, which solved the employment problem of more than 1,000 people in our city.Successful return society to carry forward the spirit of heroes, public security heroic feats of the deep memory of daqing, inheritance carries forward the immortality of the legacy, in 2016, marsum again investment of more than 3500 ten thousand yuan, built a majestic daqing public security of the garden, to sacrifice in daqing judicial organs, method, department, discipline, armed police officers and soldiers, the people’s liberation army soldiers, free buried old red army man.The names of 85 public security heroes in Daqing have also been permanently engraved on the wall of Yinglie.Over the years, Ma Xin has never stopped its steps.Since 2006, Ma xin has supported 56 poor students from primary school to university.In 2008, when wenchuan and other places in Sichuan were hit by earthquakes, donations totalled 1.6 million yuan.On May 30, 2015, delivered meat and fruit to the elderly of Daqing First Welfare Home, invited the old cadres of oil field to watch the performance.On December 31, 2015, in the “Love Passing” activity, 3000 elderly people over 70 years old were given free yellow bracelets to help them find their way home.In 2017, CCTV Mid-Autumn Festival gala was performed in Daqing, and 350,000 yuan was invested to buy milk, moon cakes, sausages and other food to the gala site, and conveyed condolences to 3,500 security personnel in the city.On April 28, 2018, Ma Xin organized and mobilized the business owners of Yuanwang Comprehensive Market and the staff of Paradise Cemetery to donate more than 10,000 yuan for the 5-year-old scalded boy, and appealed to the whole society to show their love.On October 25, 2019, we delivered rice, flour, oil and donations to three poverty-stricken households in Taipingzhuang Village, Keltai Township, Durbot County.During the fight against COVID-19 in 2020, Ma Xin immediately submitted a petition to go to Wuhan to fight the epidemic. After his application was not approved, ma Xin decided to participate in the anti-epidemic support activities by donating materials, which amounted to 550,000 yuan in total.On October 21, 2020, Ma Xin was awarded the honorary title of Advanced Individual in Fighting COVID-19 in Heilongjiang Province.”Life should have ideals and content, and should constantly surpass ourselves and climb higher and higher.”Ma Xin said.