A number of stars appeared at the Sichuan and Chongqing Spring Festival Gala, with singer Hailai Amu performing two solo songs

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Resign the willing ox, welcome the mighty Tiger.On the occasion of bidding farewell to the old year and ushering in the new, many famous stars appeared on the stage of the Sichuan and Chongqing Spring Festival Gala, presenting a cultural feast for the Year of the Tiger.On the same stage, the stars are Zhang Jie, Huang Qishan, Liu Xiaoqing, Wang Zhengliang, Chen Jianbin, Jiang Qinqin and his wife, Hai Lai Amu….Hailai Amu, a popular new singer in recent years, became the biggest highlight of our evening party.Hailai Amu took the stage to perform his famous songs “Fifty Years Later” and “Come Dance.”As soon as he stepped onto the stage, he attracted the attention of the audience with his handsome appearance and dazzling dancing.Wearing a windbreaker and a pair of white sneakers, He waved a microphone in his hand on the dazzling stage full of technology and sang the upbeat and rhythmic song “Come Dance” with a magnetic and easy melody.Hailai Amu, a popular singer from Sichuan province who always wears handsome clothes, returned to his hometown to sing, which was another expression of his deep homesickness.On the stage to the sea of amu dressed in ordinary clothes, more close to the sense of intimacy with the people of his hometown, although in the center of the dazzling stage, but the sea of amu is still in the eyes of the villagers in Liangshan State guy, out of the Ganluo mountain of Liangshan State he, the success of the sea of amu is inseparable from the support and care of the people of his hometown.Instead of “Let’s Dance” being an upbeat and breezy clique, “Fifty Years Later” is an emotional tune.Listening to the sea to a wood singing song “fifty years later”, instant will bring people back to a beautiful and warm world, the breeze is gently blowing, the river is slowly flowing, and you sit in the rocking chair, feel the gentle…… of the sunsetI hope fifty years from now, you can still be around me, then have been gray…….Such a beautiful picture has become the most beautiful yearning and pursuit of love in people’s life.The charm of hailai amu’s successful singing lies not only in his magnetic and comfortable hearing, but also in his heartfelt and touching interpretation.So-called art originates from life but higher than life, the sea to sing I love you and every time, is the most true to life, the deepest, most beautiful monologues, in the song of the sea to I love you, the listener can read from his interpretation of the true, the good and beauty, give life because of this, the sea to I love you song can deeply impress the audience, and since his debut,Able to sing a song of red song “mental code”.Born in Ganluo County, Liangshan Prefecture, Sichuan Province, Hailai Amu now lives in Beijing. He is currently a popular male singer in mainland China.In October 2018, he released his first single “Agoji song”, which made his official debut.In November, she released a song dedicated to her mother, “Moon Mother.”In March 2019, the song “Don’t Know Me” was released.In a short period of more than three years, the songs sung or written by Hailai Amu have reached dozens of songs.On the road of performing arts, Hai Lai amu’s footsteps are persistent and diligent, his performing arts footsteps all over the country, his songs are popular all over the country.Before his debut, Hailai Amu also experienced various hardships in his life, but in his songs, we hear the eternal praise of life and the interpretation of good life after he changed into a butterfly.His fans once praised him as the prince of love songs, but we prefer to say that He is a singer of the world, his songs regardless of national boundaries, regardless of race, so that the listener immersed in the experience of life together.Sichuan-chongqing Spring Festival Gala, with a large audience and a strong sense of science and technology, demonstrated the prosperity and technological innovation of social and economic development in Sichuan-Chongqing area in recent years from one side.In the evening, singer Hailai Amu sang two famous songs, fifty Years Later and Come Dance, on the gala stage, which is rare for the Spring Festival Gala on TV stations around the country.This is not only a strong cultural feast hai Lai Amu sent to the people of his hometown, but also highlights the strength and status of Hai Lai Amu as a new singer from another side.