Young guys cry all the time before they get their confidence back

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Reporter: Xu Ruijie correspondent Pei Nishang clearly does not want to cry, the left eye always overflow tears, but also with a side blocked nose runny nose, this year 20 years old little Jane is troubled.Living in Xianning, small Jane, currently in the local university, two years ago, just entered the university campus of small Jane suddenly appeared left eye tears, but also accompanied by ipsilar nasal congestion and runny nose.The students looked at the tall little Jane, who always looked like a pear with rain, and they would laugh at him from time to time.To this, small Jane is troubled, has sought medical treatment for many times, but the treatment effect is not quite obvious.On The 24th, Little Jane came to wuhan University aier Eye Hospital, China association of non-public medical institutions of ophthalmology and lacrimal duct/eye and nose related specialist Director Zhang will receive, through a detailed examination, confirmed that little Jane is nasal septum deviation combined with lacrimal duct blockage, need surgery treatment.On April 26, a combined nasal septum and lacrimal duct diversion operation was performed to improve Jane’s tears.”I can finally stand up and not be afraid of other people’s eyes.””Said little Jane happily.Director Zhang will introduce, because most symptoms of lacrimal duct disease is tears, neither painful nor itching, the public is easy to ignore.If lacrimal passage obstruction is not treated in time, it is easy to cause infection, and over time there will be symptoms of pus in the inner corner of the eye.The bacteria came out of the pus and contaminated the eyeballs, which could lead to blindness.The reporter learned in aier Eye Hospital affiliated to Wuhan University that with the decrease of temperature, the number of patients with lacrimal duct disease has increased significantly recently.Patients with lacrimal duct should avoid abusing eye drops, especially hormone eye drops, which will not only lead to dry and uncomfortable eyes, but also lead to glaucoma and cataracts.Zhang will remind the public, low temperature weather easy to cause diseases such as lacrimal obstruction, such as the occurrence of tears for no reason, the suggestion of timely diagnosis and treatment to a specialist hospital.