The perfect partner: Lin Qingkun cancer foreign treatment?The truth is a big surprise, broker big man’s bureau just

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Wild goose fly group is in danger, as the jie City of lawyer of sponsor, encountered unprecedented threat likewise.Once the wild goose flying false contract listing exposure, the whole jie city I’m afraid will be crushed to pieces, buried with them.Both Lin Qingkun and Chen Shan responded to the incident at the first time, but with completely different means, thinking and determination.Chen Shan formally joined the senior partner, small loan 300 thousand, ready to advance and retreat with Jie Cheng.Lin Qingkun is suffering from cancer, choose to go to the United States for treatment, give up the combination with Chen Shan, give up the cooperation with Jie Cheng.Lin Qingkun is helpless, if he is not seriously ill, maybe he will continue to fight Chen Shan.But xiaobian has a different idea, Lin Qingkun’s mind is not simple, suffering from cancer may be nonsense.Lin Qingkun may be pretending to be ill. With his working attitude and hard work, Lin Qingkun could go back to the office immediately after a night in the hospital for gastric bleeding.The cancer may have been a blow, but it certainly didn’t send Mr. Lin to the United States right away.But after all the work, affairs, and then arrange the future life of his wife Wu Min and son Jing jing, to go abroad alone.But, before leaving, Lin Qingkun accompany Jing crazy play a day, spirit is not like seriously ill cancer patients.The last detailed discussion with Chen Shan only told her not to touch the yanfei case, and did not respond to the questions and concerns about the disease.It is worth mentioning that Chen Shan learned that Lin Qingkun had cancer through the word of his employees, not Lin himself.A few combined, xiaobian has a bold guess, Lin Qingkun did not have cancer, but pretended to be ill.Therefore, I did not take the initiative to tell Chen Shan about my illness. After getting Chen Shan’s safe concern, I was not moved to respond.He was not sick himself, so he didn’t want to cheat Chen Shan, but she found out.But he won’t tell the truth, even if it’s the soul partner he’s been working with for months.For the future workplace, but also for Chen Shan as a brokerage tycoon, Lin Qingkun in a general situation, this is about his future career.From the previous plot that Lin Qingkun’s position was replaced, the other side than their own can make money, is double super rocket.At the same time, the boss began to dissatisfaction with Lin Qingkun’s unique way of doing things, ready to overset him, gradually withdraw his part of the work.In order to prove their strength, but also in order not to startle, more out of The city as soon as possible, not affected by any wild goose fly case.Lin Qingkun chose to pretend to be ill at this moment and go abroad to look for new opportunities and business opportunities.As always, Lin qingkun would never fight a battle without confidence.Now that I’m going to America, I’m sure I’m well prepared.By the time he returns, Lin will be a true “super rocket” again, a cash cow that any company would love to make.At the same time he also can investigate clear wild goose fly group’s secret abroad, help Chen Shan a helping hand.Conclusion: Lin Qingkun is not only smart, but also has a view of the big picture. The most important thing is that he is calm and calm when things happen. When necessary, he will choose to temporarily avoid difficulties.No wonder after divorce with Wu Min, casually can take out a bank card with 8 million RMB, looking forward to his wife and children can still live rich and wealthy.He is good enough to match any salary.Just don’t know, in everyone know the truth of that moment, will admire him, or will be angry, away from him!