Teaching note: island inversion

2022-05-06 0 By

Island inversion explanation, I’m tired of typing, you read the text.In a word, the occurrence of island reversal is basically the signal of the peak or bottom of the stage.First, the top of the island reversal, the stage peak, and fight and retreat, reduce the position.Case study: The Shanghai Composite Index reversed its island shape on December 13 and peaked at 3708.After a top island reversal, the mean phase top is established.Investors should be vigilant, reduce positions, and fight and retreat.Plate case: real estate plate on February 11 island reversal.If the sector fails to cover this jump in the coming period (within a week), it means the sector has peaked, just like the Shanghai Index did last December.At present, however, the real estate sector has a trend to fill the gap.Second, bottom island inversion, stage bottom established.What date did the island inversion take place?Is the top or bottom island inverted.To conclude: Knowing technology won’t necessarily help you make money in the stock market, but it should prevent you from losing a lot of money.The stock market has some signals and code words to capture.