Meitan County: party building leads, “three determination and three management” to promote civilization

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Since 2021, mae tam county for rural waste in weddings, funerals, thin raise the bad habits, such as, abuse do banquet with “red and white board” as the breakthrough point, the red and white board construction as party history study education as the important measures for people “, as the local custom civilization construction, and promote rural revitalization of key way, through the party construction, specification, and promote local custom “catch”.It called on party members and cadres, members of the “two committees” of the village branches, and members of the “village housekeeper” to actively promote a civilized, healthy and scientific way of life, which was supported by the broad masses of cadres and the masses, effectively promoted the construction of rural culture and civilization, and promoted the revitalization of rural areas.Fixed team “stewards”, “three governance” in harmony.In July 2021, mae tam county public security, traffic police, actively organize city supervisor, comprehensive administrative law enforcement and other Wen Mingwei member units, in the common good in transforming social traditions, local custom civilization at the same time, according to the mae tam county to promote the “transforming social traditions, sets up the local custom civilization” special operation work plan, establish the “mai tam county red and white board construction plan (try out)”,Take a county town (street), leading the town leading Bao Village (community) and “the village two committees + + red and white council director member of + method + volunteers” xuan member of the party leading mode, the integration of the grassroots autonomous organizations “village housekeeping members, fully implementing” the red and white board “construction, realize the 15 town (street), 137 village (community) full cover,A total of 1112 volunteer service teams have been set up to handle red and white affairs by the autonomous organization of the Red and White Council, laying a solid grassroots foundation for the construction of township style civilization and realizing a new pattern of township style civilization governance featuring the integration of “rule of law, autonomy and rule of virtue”.Establish a mechanism to “manage people” and “do three things”.Give full play to the red and white board volunteer service work, have strong against the masses of disorderly run banquet, no matter the weddings and funerals high-profile wedding for face, compete with one another, keep up with the joneses, vulgar bad marriage make (act), and the feudal superstition and so on uncivilized phenomenon, the county various evaluated integratedly, the village (community), according to their respective actual based on fully to solicit public opinion,Enacted the weddings and funerals “red and black” system “, a list of the weddings and funerals declaration “, “rural village to revitalize the concise version of the” four word] “, “” the articles of association of the red and white board”, dealing with red and white are BaoBeiZhi, at the same time to the articles of association of the red and white board “the village” sign “the pledge” terms and conditions, promise to comply with related matters, without the approval of the “banquet” shall not be dealt with.Through party members leading cadres take the lead, changing customs, civilized behavior, greatly standardized and improved the bad habit of overdoing the banquet, effectively reduced the economic and ideological burden of the masses, in the county formed a “marriage new do, funeral simple do, do not do more than things” “three things three do” consensus.Determine the specification of “money management”, “three fees” to reduce the burden.Mae tam county town of copying music pioneered “articles of association of the red and white board”, advocating “mourning over 3 days, not happy things don’t super 2 days”, “car but ten, but the best, but three”, the whole town of party members, cadres and the masses of positive response, initiative signed HunSangShi appropriate “six do not demonstrate” pledge, consciously resist the high-profile wedding, high price, extravagance and waste, lights, thin and other bad behavior,To create a good social atmosphere, the county towns (streets) have carried out learning exchanges, through the “mass will +” revision and extensive publicity of the relevant system.Some people calculated that the “gift fee”, “motorcade fee” and “wine and water fee” saved for the average people could save more than 5,000 yuan a year, which really reduced the burden of “three fees” for the masses.Under the leadership of the Party construction of Meitan County, the red and white affairs management mode of “three arrangements and three management” has not only shortened the distance between the Party and cadres, but also reduced the burden of the masses. It has not only carried forward the thrifty tradition,Moreover, it has played a good role in “self-management, self-education, self-service and self-supervision”, and comprehensively promoted the construction of local customs and civilization in the rural revitalization.Source: Meitan Party construction editor: Liu Shanyu