Anhui resume work and production Press the “fast forward button” sprint “off to a good start”

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At the beginning of the Spring Festival, all parts of the province, on the one hand, focused on normal epidemic prevention and control, on the other hand, made efforts to send policies to solve problems for enterprises, do a good job in ensuring essential factors, and organize enterprises to resume work and production in an orderly manner.Enterprise staff full of spirit, press the “fast forward button”, go all out to promote production, rush orders at full speed, sprint New Year “good start”, showing a thriving busy scene.Staff members are looking at grass plants in anhui Jinshengda Bio-electronic Technology Co., LTD., Feb. 11, 2019.At present, the orders of the biological light supplement and green intelligent biological light environment system produced by the enterprise exceed 300 million yuan.Workers in Sui Xi Economic Development Zone in Huaibei City were busy packing aluminum ingots recently.At present, the area of aluminum – based new materials processing enterprises have started production, rushed to make orders.Reporter Li Xin Zhou Huadong photo on February 13, feixi County, Huagang town of an enterprise workshop, workers in electric welding operations.At present the town scale above enterprises resume work rate of more than 90%.Reporter Yao Lin correspondent Ma Jiagui February 11, a soillless cultivation greenhouse in Nangang town, Shushan district, Hefei city, technicians in the implementation of science and technology field pipe.Correspondent Chen Sanhu photo on February 11, anhui Xinnuo Precision Co., Ltd. in chengbei industrial park, Huizhou district, Huangshan City, workers in the processing of accessories.The company after the resumption of production, the current order volume has reached 150 million yuan.On February 12, the voice recognition line working area of the core R&D platform of IFLYTEK university of Science and Technology (USTC), technical personnel are analyzing the structure of the problems existing in the speech transliteration and dialect recognition of intelligent office equipment.As the exclusive supplier of automatic voice conversion and translation for the Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, IFLYtek provides cross-language communication services for athletes, coaches and spectators from all over the world.On February 11, workers rush to order products on the production line in the workshop of Erite Company in Fanchang Economic Development Zone of Wuhu city.At the beginning of the New Year, the company is fully engaged in the production of new energy electric sweeper orders to meet the market demand around the country.Correspondent Xiao Benxiang on February 11, in fuhe Industrial Park in Fuyang city, Jianghuai Automobile (Fuyang) Co., Ltd. assembly workshop production line is speeding up the assembly production of medium and heavy trucks.Photography is by Wang Biao