A total of 548 teachers and students from shenzhen Vocational College went to the front line to fight the epidemic as Baymax and Blue

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“Where there is need, we will go” “We breathe and share a common destiny with Shenzhen, what Shenzhen needs is what we are going to” “The individual integrates into the larger self, youth dedicated to the motherland”…On March 12, 548 young teachers and students from Shenzhen Vocational And Technical College (SZE), acting as Baymax and Blue, rushed to the front line to help fight the epidemic and protect the safety of the city.Recently, the epidemic prevention situation in Shenzhen is grim.The spread of the epidemic this time has put great pressure on prevention and control work, and many neighborhoods and communities are short of manpower and in urgent need of volunteers.On the evening of March 11, Shenzhen Polytechnic once again sounded the call of “Youth Strike Team”, and soon 531 young teachers and students applied to fight the epidemic.According to the arrangement and deployment of the Communist Youth League committee and the school Party Committee, on March 12, the school did its best to support young teachers and students to forge their ability in urgent and difficult tasks, and to temper their style in overcoming difficulties.At 7 o ‘clock on March 12, the second group of “Youth Commandos”, composed of 18 teachers and students, had been assembled in the European Classic Garden of Taoyuan Street, a controlled community.Dressed in strict protective suits, they incarnated Baymax and went from house to house to inform residents to prepare for nucleic acid tests.The community of nearly 500 households, in just 2 hours all notice in place.At the same time, the third group of commandos also arrived at the 15 nucleic acid testing sites in Taoyuan Street at 8:00 a.m. to assist in nucleic acid testing.The commando team was made up of 30 students and students, many of whom left their homes before dawn and arrived at their posts on time.In addition, 483 students volunteered to support the fight against COVID-19 in nearby communities.Although the average age of the “youth epidemic commandos” members is only in their early 20s, they are a team that can fight a tough battle at a moment’s call.The first group of 17 commandos was formed in less than half an hour, the second group of 18 commandos was recruited in just one hour, and the third group of 30 commandos was formed in 2 hours after the notice was given at 8 PM on The 11th.When they signed up, they did not ask a word of treatment, did not mention a word of difficulties, only concerned about when to go out!After arriving at designated post, commando quickly established temporary party branch, party member develops vanguard model to take the lead role, lead other league member youth brave to rush to fight epidemic disease front line.Just a few days ago, the first group of commandos had just finished the prevention and control tasks for a day. When they were having dinner, they suddenly received a notice to support the nucleic acid testing of all members in Nanshan Village.All the team members immediately put down their lunch boxes, ran 3 kilometers, and arrived at their posts in less than 10 minutes to start a new round of work. They were busy until nearly 2 a.m. and resumed their work at 6 a.m. the next day.According to incomplete statistics, in the past six days, the first batch of commandos of the Shenzhen Technical Institute conducted a total of 748.5 hours of volunteer service, serving 31,045 community residents and helping 4,799 people collect nucleic acid from their homes.”As a probationary Party member, I should come forward in this special period, when the country needs, when the society needs, and devote myself to the front line to serve the people.”Zhang Baohuai, one of the first commandos, wrote in his diary.Liu Zhaoguang, a former soldier and probationary Party member, said in his service experience, “During the days of front-line work of epidemic prevention and control, our body is tired, but our spirit is enriched. It is our honor to contribute to the battle against the epidemic.”Among the commandos, in addition to probationary party members and veterans, there was Zhang Tao, a student who fought alongside the doctor’s mother against the epidemic, and Dr. Zhang Yanyong, a full-time league cadre of the school’s Youth League Committee, who rushed to the front line to fight against the epidemic as soon as he joined the team.They are excellent representatives of over 30,000 young professionals and vivid manifestations of the cultivation of “down-to-earth” talents by vocational education.In recent years, Shenzhen Polytechnic has carried out the education project “Pursuing Dreams, Starting from Shenzhen” among its teachers and students. Every year, 10,000 teachers and students are organized to go to Shenzhen for day study. Every year, shenzhen Polytechnic holds a speech contest “Discover the Beauty of Shenzhen and Tell the Story of Shenzhen” to guide teachers and students to take root in Shenzhen, build Shenzhen and love Shenzhen.We will consciously integrate our personal ideal pursuit into the cause of the country and the nation, and consciously share the same breath, fate and heart with Shenzhen.Read: Sun Shijian