Underground garage parking lot ground why use epoxy floor?

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Epoxy floor has very obvious advantages, such as wear resistance, skid resistance, strong pressure resistance and certain waterproof ability.The reason why underground garage uses epoxy floor must be that the characteristics of epoxy floor can meet the needs of underground garage.Floor Henan Xiudi will edit for you to introduce why the underground garage parking lot should use epoxy floor.01 Underground garage parking lot ground why to use epoxy floor?1, high beauty: the epoxy floor is rich in color. Users can choose to match a variety of different colors to mark the parking area with color.In addition, the epoxy floor has high color brightness, which is very friendly to the driver’s sight.So for some high-grade residential areas or shopping malls, epoxy floor has naturally become the first choice.2. Strong pressure resistance: All kinds of vehicles may enter the underground garage with a high frequency of traffic.And epoxy floor has strong compressive resistance, car rolling will not cause harm.This is also one of the reasons why it is very important for underground garages to use epoxy floor.3, with wear resistance: in addition to the compressive resistance, the wear resistance of epoxy floor is also very strong. Cars come and go, and epoxy floor can be easily dealt with.4, skid resistance: the important advantage of epoxy floor, although its surface is very smooth, but still has a certain friction.It is very safe for pedestrians and vehicles to travel on the epoxy floor with very little skidding.5, simple maintenance: epoxy floor surface smooth, very easy to care, maintenance is also very simple.So its maintenance cost is very low, cleaning is relatively easy to carry out.Floor Henan Xiudi editor believes that the use of epoxy floor for underground garage is indeed a very good choice, after all, its advantages are quite outstanding.The increasing use of epoxy flooring in new residential areas and shopping malls is a strong proof.For more exciting content, come to pay attention to the epoxy floor Xiudi Company