The underwater dragon Palace enters reality, guizhou this mountain variety, 90% of the tourists have missed

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You know what?Guizhou has not only huangguoshu Waterfall, but also the underwater Dragon Palace.This scenic spot in Guizhou, many tourists have never heard of his name, because they have been here deeply unforgettable.Does the Dragon Palace really exist? The answer is true, when you come to.After the Dragon Palace scenic area near Huangguoshu tree, you will see the beautiful scenery, huge stalactites, glittering as if they were corals on the sea floor.Huangguoshu waterfall scenic spot half an hour’s drive for a dragon temple “at dragon palace known world tunnel, swinging in the canoe fairyland” dragon palace are we on the road suddenly decided to place, on the way to huangguoshu, there has always been label instructions dragon palace, and before doing strategy, simply look at the dragon palace, know is a karst cave scenic area,And it was 5A, so we turned to the Dragon Palace halfway, and arrived at the scenic spot at 11:00.Dragon Palace has two records in the world, one is the lowest natural radiation of the world’s karst caves, the other is the world’s most flood and drought karst caves, the most concentrated scenic spot.We took the scenic bus to jiuzi Square.After checking the ticket, we started to play in the mountain.The cave is also decorated, the scenery is particularly beautiful.Cruise a trip, the feeling is really to come to another world.Longgong Scenic Area has two ginis largest in the world — the largest and most water-and-drought karst cave group — “Longgong Karst Cave Group”, the place with the lowest natural radiation rate — “Guizhou Longgong Scenic Spot”, and has the world record certification of the world’s largest plant Chinese character landscape — “Dragon” character field and other magnificent and unique landscape.(All it really means is that you can see how nature works and say, “Wow!”A sigh of place!)A place like this is really worth a visit, do check in when you get the chance!At the end of the tour, you can even take a boat ride on the open river, giving you the feel of a boat ride on the Li River in Guilin.Would you like to see such a fairyland?Elite scenic spots: many people in the Tianchi river boat to see the cave directly after returning by boat, in fact, there are a lot of scenic spots behind, but also particularly good-looking, especially like zen friends, there will be a lot of surprises behind.Then it is yawang valley and other scenic spots, a lot of woods, very stealthy lake breath, and I find the heart of the “moss on the order of green, grass color into shade green” feel, actually behind really given the “humble room inscription” engraved text.Slow down, slowly walk on the wooden bridge, really poetic leisure.