Students welcome the Chinese New Year in style

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Students welcome Chinese New Year by dipping their pens in ink, exchanging gifts and sharing delicious food.This Spring Festival, many university students choose to celebrate the Spring Festival on the spot, writing Chinese characters, pasting Spring Festival couplets, performing programs and other activities to welcome the New Year.On January 29, the international Education apartment of Shaanxi University of Science and Technology was filled with a strong smell of Chinese New Year.An event held by the School of International Education attracted 22 students from Morocco, Niger, Pakistan, Kazakhstan and other countries to welcome the Spring Festival.They sat around the table, talking and laughing.Seeing the rice paper on the table, Saadi, an international student from Pakistan, rolled up his sleeve, carefully dipped his brush in the ink, and wrote down the Chinese character “Fu” (福) with one stroke after another, which drew nods of admiration from the surrounding students.After receiving attention and encouragement, Saadi went even further, writing a large traditional Chinese character for dragon next to the Chinese character for fu, which she proudly displayed on her chest.According to Saadi, who started studying at Shaanxi University of Science and Technology in 2018, staying on campus for Spring Festival is a valuable lesson in traditional Chinese culture.”Today is my first time to write Chinese calligraphy, and I feel very excited,” he said.I want to learn more about traditional Chinese culture and be an envoy for cultural exchange.”Hu Jia, an international student from Morocco, saw saadi’s writing style and took over the brush to imitate the Chinese character “Fu”.”It’s hard to write Chinese characters with brush strokes, but watching the character ‘fu’ take shape little by little gives me a sense of accomplishment and makes me feel more deeply about the Chinese New Year,” she said.Shaanxi university of science and technology institute of international education dean su-feng zhang said: “since the New Year’s eve, we are ready to epidemic prevention and control at the same time, organizing students and Chinese students eat dinner together, play games, take part in the interesting games, at the same time pay attention to students’ psychological aspects and so on, life and study of the practical need of, let them feel China is warm the hearts of years!”During the activity, students from different countries sent New Year’s greetings to Chinese teachers, students and friends in Both Chinese and mother tongue, pasted Spring Festival couplets together and decorated their apartment buildings.When pasting couplets, Zhao Weize, an international student from Pakistan, carefully smoothes each corner and checks the position of the couplets repeatedly.He has become very familiar with the Chinese New Year.In September 2021, he enrolled in shaanxi University of Science and Technology as a doctoral candidate. Before that, he obtained a master’s degree from China University of Geosciences.The first Spring Festival in Xi ‘an impressed him deeply: “The Chinese Spring Festival impressed me a lot. I hope this wonderful festival can make Xi ‘an lively after the epidemic. I also hope that the global epidemic will end soon, so that I can bring my family to China to see.”To express her anticipation for the New Year and thanks to her teachers at school, Izoufou, an international student from Niger, made hand-painted greeting cards.”During the epidemic, our teachers brought us many supplies and cared about us like family members.On the day when Chinese people get together with their families, I also want them to feel the good wishes from overseas students.”On New Year’s Eve, Jiang Ning, an international student at Yan ‘an University, happily introduced Chinese Spring Festival culture to her parents through a video with Spring Festival couplets in hand: “Mom, the most important festival is celebrated in China recently — Spring Festival.The one I hold in my hand is called Spring Festival couplets, which can be pasted on the door to express my best wishes for the coming year.”Jiang Ning, 22, from Pakistan, is celebrating his fourth Spring Festival since coming to China.Jiangning very like the Spring Festival, he knew at this time the Chinese family will get together, make dumplings, stick couplets, send red envelopes, “children will wear new clothes, set off firecrackers.””I think China is a very great country.COVID-19 has hit the world hard, but China has scored a great victory.I experienced China’s fight against the epidemic and felt the great strength of the Chinese people as one.”Jiangning said.In December 2021, he also participated in yan ‘an University’s anti-epidemic action as a volunteer.According to Zhang Jie from the International Affairs Office of Yan ‘an University, a total of 8 international students will stay in the university this Spring Festival. Pasting Spring Festival couplets is one of a series of activities to welcome the Spring Festival. We hope that by carrying out Spring Festival activities, international students can feel the warmth of the university and the festive atmosphere of Traditional Chinese festivals, and have an unforgettable Chinese New Year.(Reporter Li Yujia, Zhang Quanwei) Responsible Editor: Xiao Yun Statement: Reprint this article is for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: