“Romance of The Three Kingdoms” Twentieth Chapter Cao A Wu Xu Tian besieged Dong Guojiu cabinet ordered

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Zhang Liao lashed out at Cao Cao and was about to kill him when Liu Bei grabbed Cao Cao’s hand and said, “Let guan Yu pledge his life to keep this loyal man.” Cao Cao threw his sword and laughed.He unbound Zhang Liao himself, dressed him, worshiped zhang Liao as the Commander of the Middle Kingdom, awarded the marquis of Guan Nei, and sent him to recruit Zang Ba and Sun Guan to be appointed official posts.He took Lu bu’s wife and daughter back to Xudu.It seems that Cao Cao is a great man!Cao Cao asked liu Bei for his honor. Emperor Xian of han met liu Bei and arranged his family tree to name Liu Bei uncle (later named Liu Bei Huangshu).Emperor Xian saw cao Cao’s arbitrary power, now this hero’s uncle someone to help, conferred the left general, Yicheng Pavilion hou.Cao Cao left Liu Bei in Xudu to keep an eye on him. Yang Biao, the commander of the Imperial Army, was a relative of Yuan Shu. Cao Cao falsely accused Him of conspiring with Yuan Shu to kill him.Cao Cao did not kill Yang Biao’s officials and returned to his hometown.Cao Cao cares about fame and reputation. He wants things done.Cao Cao invited Emperor Xian to hunt a deer. When Emperor Xian shot three arrows at the deer, he missed. Cao Cao shot one arrow at the deer, but the soldiers only saw the arrows as the arrows of the emperor.When Guan Yu came out to kill Cao Cao, Liu Bei blocked him with gestures.When Emperor Xian returned to the palace, he was worried about Cao Cao’s ambition, so he made a secret letter of blood and put it in the jade belt coat. Cao Cao saw the jade belt coat and did not see anything different.Dong Cheng went back to the house to look, no intention to burn the lamp ribbon to see blood.After the groom wang Zifu, kind of series, Wu Shuo, Xi Liang Ma Teng joined and shaxie.