Return with honor and triumph!The Chinese women’s soccer team departed for home on a China Eastern airlines flight

2022-05-05 0 By

Qilu Evening News · Qilu One point reporter Bai Xinxin February 7 Beijing time 13:50, China Eastern Airlines MU7118 chartered flight from Mumbai, India smooth take-off, to welcome the Chinese women’s national football team has just won the Asian Cup champion home.China Eastern airlines sent a wide-body A330 aircraft on a six-hour, 5,113km flight from Mumbai to Shanghai, which took off at 3:24 am today from Pudong in Shanghai and arrived in Mumbai at 9:12 am local time.Yan xiong-rong, captain of China Eastern Airlines Flight MU7117, had flown for 20,896 hours, which is equivalent to circling the earth 364 times.The flight of Chinese women’s football team for the Asian Cup took off from Shanghai Pudong at 00:56 on 16th, and arrived at Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport at 06:43 local time.Chinese women’s football players have won the Asian Cup in Mumbai after 20 days of intense competition.In order to make up for the Spring Festival, the crew of China Eastern Airlines pasted the “Fu” and Spring Festival couplets inscribed by their families during the game in the cabin to create a strong festive atmosphere.Since receiving the charter flight mission, China Eastern airlines has made a thorough guarantee plan in time and completed the application for air rights quickly.The New Delhi business Office of China Eastern Airlines has set up a special fast check-in counter and special waiting area at Mumbai Airport, and arranged special personnel to guide the whole process of boarding services and epidemic prevention information filling.China Eastern airlines flight carries the expectation and joy of people all over the country, to welcome the Asian women’s football champion back with the trophy.