Non-stick frying pan is “harm the pot”, not only toxic but also carcinogenic?A CCTV experiment shows you the answer

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“Why are you still cooking with a non-stick pan? You’ll get cancer if you use it too much!”Xiao Fang’s mother-in-law shouted as soon as she entered, and Xiao Fang explained: “The iron pot consumes too much oil, and it’s easy to burn dishes.”But the mother-in-law just wouldn’t listen and insisted on pouring the dish and cooking it again.Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law two people have made a lot of pot because of the matter, the mother-in-law worried about using non-stick frying pan will cause cancer, xiao Fang felt not so exaggerated.So is this really the case?Does frying in a non-stick pan really cause cancer?To figure this out, let’s take a look at non-stick pans.What is non-stick pan for people who often cook, it is hard to avoid the situation that food burns and scorches.Burnt food not only tastes bad, it also sticks to the pan and is difficult to clean.To solve this problem, it is common to use a non-stick pan for cooking.The invention of non-stick pan satisfies the needs of “cooking people”.The so-called non-stick pot, is in the pot brush on a layer of ptfe, this material has good corrosion resistance and anti-aging, whether it is the use of function or service life can well meet the needs of people.The most common and best performance in daily life should be teflon coating and ceramic coating.People choose non-stick pans, of course, because they have many advantages.Easy frying: because of the “non-stick” characteristics, people do not need to worry about the paste pot when using, easily can complete frying and frying and other processes.Especially for beginners, the pot is the first choice, eliminating the fear of ingredients going to waste and increasing the chances of cooking successfully.Less oil smoke, healthier: use non-stick frying pan, can help people control the amount of oil.There will no longer be too much oil, resulting in too greasy dishes.Not only reduce the kitchen lampblack, but also better fit the current pursuit of healthy eating habits.Easy to clean: iron pot is generally heavy, but also easy to rust, cleaning is very troublesome.Compared to iron pans, non-stick pans are lighter, don’t rust, and don’t burn.After cleaning as long as the cloth gently wipe, become clean, very suitable for the kind of love to cook but do not love to wash the pot.It is because non-stick frying pan has so many advantages and brings a lot of convenience to people’s life that it will be loved by the public.But is there any truth to the rumor that “non-stick frying pan coating materials cause cancer”?At present, the two most common coatings on the market are teflon coating and ceramic coating.Teflon coating, also known as polytetrafluoroethylene, is hydrophobic and resistant to corrosion.We now buy most of the non-stick pan, the use of relatively stable ptfe, in the safety standards set by the state under the correct use, is not harmful to the human body.The National Health Supervision Center clearly formulated two standards: can not use non-stick frying pan to produce acidic food;Non-stick frying pans must be fired at a temperature below 250℃.If you want to use it safely, you must strictly follow these two standards.Because ptfe, although excellent performance, but there is a great defect, that is, the combination of low strength, can not cover the whole pot.Some acidic foods will corrode the metal, and when the metal is corroded, the coating will break.In addition, non-stick pans decompose into a poisonous gas when heated above 250℃.When the heating temperature exceeds 300℃, it will also produce perfluoroisobutene and phosgene and other toxic and harmful substances.Inhaling too much can cause problems such as pneumonia and emphysema.Therefore, as long as strictly in accordance with the national safety standards to use non-stick pan, is not carcinogenic.So the question is, how can we tell if food is acidic?When cooking, how to judge whether the temperature exceeds 250℃?Food’s acidity and alkalinity are not differentiated by taste, so it’s not unusual for most people to be unable to tell the difference.In this case, it is recommended that we choose nano ceramics as a coating of non-stick pan, then there is no need to consider the acid and alkali problem of food.As for the judgment of temperature, CCTV life Tips, a program on CCTV, conducted an experiment in cooperation with Beijing University of Chemical Technology to help people distinguish temperature changes in detail.First, the researchers scraped off part of the coating from the inside of a nonstick pan and heated it in a special container.As the heating temperature rose to 300℃, it was found that the matter in the container began to decompose.This clarifies the standardization of national standards.To help distinguish temperature changes, the researchers added cooking oil to a teflon-coated non-stick pan and heated it, measuring the temperature and how it changed at different temperatures.The experimental results show that: when the oil temperature reaches the suitable cooking state, the temperature in the pot is only 130℃;When the temperature of the pot reached 200℃, the oil in the pot has emitted a lot of white smoke;When the temperature in the pot is as high as 300℃, the oil smoke has filled the whole experimental site, become very choking.In other words, even if some people like to cook the oil very well, the temperature only reaches 200 degrees Celsius, so there is no need to worry about the harmful substances that will be broken down in the cooking process and harm people’s health.Since non-stick pans are not harmful to humans in normal use, the coating that falls off is also non-toxic.So, the coating of the non-stick pan can continue to use?Although we are in daily cooking, the oil temperature will not reach the temperature of coating destruction decomposition, but because of the use of a long time, and the use of spatula material is too good, the frying process of non-stick pan coating will fall.At this time of non-stick pan, can it be used normally?Under normal circumstances, it cannot continue to use.First of all, when the coating falls off, it will affect the “non-stick” function of the non-stick pan. Once the food is burnt, it is still not convenient to clean.Second, when food is burnt, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) are produced, which can cause cancer when eaten in excess.That’s why we often say that burnt food is inedible, not just because it tastes bad, but because it’s a health hazard.In order to prolong the service life of non-stick pot, we can choose the hardness is not very large wood spatula;After use, it is best to use warm water to clean, so as to avoid cold water cleaning caused by thermal expansion and contraction damage coating.To sum up, people who have demand for non-stick pans in life must go to formal channels to buy and choose products with guaranteed quality.Not only non-stick cookware, but also other cooking utensils should be carefully chosen.And pay attention to the content in accordance with the provisions and instructions, strictly in accordance with the standard, so as to safe use.National Health and Family Planning Commission of the People’s Republic of China 2017-04-07 “Is there a health risk of non-stick frying pan coating –NO” Yi Chuandong, the 2nd issue of 2015 author: Jing Jing, editor: Li Zi