Itch. IO publicly blasted NFT: It’s a hoax

2022-05-05 0 By

According to foreign media reports, itch. IO, an independent gaming platform, publicly denounced NFT in a tweet today.W.. IO in pushing writes: “recently there are a few people asked about our attitude to NFT, here are our comments: NFT is a scam, if you think their creators’ exploitation ‘, ‘fraud’ and ‘destruction of the earth’ actions are legitimate and useful, so we ask you to re-evaluate your choice of life”.”And any company that says they support creators and endorse NFT in any way, they are only looking out for their own profits and wealth,” they continued.And they end with “Don’t be stupid.””NFT” is one of the buzzwords in the mouths of major companies these days, but players are so hostile to it that seeing a “warrior” stand up and take a shot at it is a start.