How does the US explain this?The Chinese exposed the big lie, and NASA switched sides at the critical moment

2022-05-05 0 By

For some time now, China-Us relations have attracted much attention.The United States has spared no effort to suppress China’s development, leading to a sharp decline in Sino-US relations.Recently, reported that in the aerospace field, the US has made trouble again, approaching the Chinese space station, threatening the safety of Chinese astronauts to a certain extent.In recent years, with The rise of China, the White House has become so jealous that it has repeatedly launched attacks on China, trying to use various issues to contain the country’s development.But instead of getting what it wanted, Washington got itself into it.The United States is not what it was 30 years ago, and the current president is draining American power.Recently, the issue of THE US Starlink has once again attracted the attention of netizens.China has pointed out that the US Starlink came close to the Chinese space station twice and had to take emergency measures.But the US government has denied this, and sent a note to the United Nations, bluntly said that the US satellite did not reach the threshold of emergency collision, denied that the Chinese space station posed a threat.At the critical moment, NASA defected to provide the Chinese side with hard evidence.In early February, NASA sent us documents indicating that the increasing number of Starlink satellites in low Earth orbit could be at risk of collisions if they become crowded.Even its own family is not on its side, how can the US government try to justify?The US tells a big lie and China tells it in front of the whole world.Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said that China’s notification to the UN of the situation that the Starlink satellite dangerously approached China’s space station and threatened the safety of astronauts in orbit is an international obligation under Article 5 of the Outer Space Treaty.In the relevant collision avoidance events, the US Starlink satellites are in the continuous orbit maneuver state, maneuver strategy and intention are unknown.Chinese astronauts in orbit are facing realistic and urgent safety threats.The Chinese had to take preventive collision avoidance control.The US, as a space power, is constantly boasting about its achievements and trying to impress the world.Did not think that the United States can not assume the responsibility of the space power, but shirking responsibility, denying the facts, this is the performance and responsibility of a major country?If satellites were to collide, the consequences would be dire.In order to safeguard the safety of Chinese astronauts and the space station, China is willing to strengthen communication with the US, establish a long-term communication mechanism and take concrete measures to prevent such incidents from happening again.It is hoped that the US can proceed from reality. Repeatedly evading responsibility is not in the interest of any country, including the US.Disclaimer: This article is created by “times interpretation”, pictures source network, if there is infringement, please contact us.Part of the news reference source: Xinhua net