4 engineering schools: Tongji Medical University joined in, quickly making up for the shortcoming of medical specialty of Huazhong University of Science and Technology

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In the 1950 s began to appear in the word “company”, and not all engineering university is called engineering institute, only four universities was known as the institute of technology, now the name changed, strength and original, to be reckoned with, here, let us understand the four institute of technology, have a look at the performance of the concrete, after the university entrance exam, also can be a volunteer student reference.I. The four carpenters are:1. Huazhong institute of technology and huazhong institute of technology of huazhong big now, now, it seems, huazhong science and technology development, more and more good, originally as a doctor’s geographical location is very good, is not only an engineering university, now has become a comprehensive university, huazhong university of science and technology medical school strength, the top 10 at home, other science specialized in development,If you want to enter Huazhong University of Science and Technology, please consider science majors.2. Nanjing institute of technology institute of technology, southeast university, now said to one of the best high school in nanjing, in addition to the ntu are university, university of engineering strength is very strong, especially in architecture, civil engineering, the two disciplines, is the country’s top discipline, I believe that the development of the university will be better and better in the future, considering the dongda outstanding achievement,Can choose the ace major of east big, no matter study or work, prospect is very big.3. South China institute of technology of south China institute of technology, is now south China institute of technology, also has the advantages of geographic location, the momentum of development is very quick, compared with the surrounding university, south China institute of technology, obvious advantages, with strong competitiveness, relatively fast development, the engineering of the university professional also nots allow to ignore, development prospect of high-profile, take an examination of the university, can know more about engineering major.4. Dalian institute of technology of dalian institute of technology, dalian institute of technology, now in a beautiful environment of the coastal city, dalian had brilliant history, but, now seems a little “confused” the high school, he had the advantage of discipline development, the new development of professional no advantage, so now, it seems, dalian institute of technology is not as well as development prospect of the first three school,Overall strength is in decline.Ii. The status quo of the Four Major Carpenter Colleges: After 2000, the four universities in China were merged. Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan Institute of Urban Construction and Tongji Medical University were merged to form the present Huazhong University of Science and Technology.Southeast University merged with Nanjing Railway Medical College, which was still called Southeast University. For Southeast University, such merger had little impact. Nanjing Railway Medical College had a very ordinary reputation, so it did not have a more positive impact on The University.Huazhong University of Science and Technology is different from huazhong University of Science and Technology. After the merger, the strength of Huazhong University of Science and Technology has been greatly improved, from engineering college to comprehensive university. At the same time, the addition of Tongji Medical University quickly filled the gap in the medical specialty of Huazhong University of Science and Technology.After the merger and development of these four universities, each has its own advantages. In general, the speed of development of Science and technology in Central China is still very fast, and the development of East University and South China University of Technology is also advancing steadily, keeping the advantages of engineering universities. On the contrary, Dalian University of Technology lags behind, and develops the slowest among the four universities in recent years.According to the latest university comprehensive strength ranking, huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST) is the leading institution of engineering, ranking 8th, followed by East University (DONGda) at 17th, followed by South China University of Technology and Dalian University of Technology.Hust itself has a profound foundation of engineering, in recent years the comprehensive strength is amazing.At present, the advantages of East University are still concentrated in engineering, and some engineering majors are in the leading level in China. South China Institute of Technology is conservative and inferior to the former two universities, but it is the university with the strongest engineering strength in the Pearl River Delta.As an old engineering school, Dalian Institute of Technology has suffered serious brain drain and unsatisfactory development in recent years.In an instant, it is time for the college entrance examination of a year, for the students of the college entrance examination, take an examination of what result, not they can control, the result is the reflection of the usual learning state, usually learn what how to take the exam, unless there is a major mistake, otherwise there really is no regret.However, which university to apply for has become a matter of great concern. We often say that it is more important to choose than to make efforts, and it is true that choosing the university you like has a great influence on students.