Scientists develop healing ‘super skin’ inspired by chameleon

2022-05-04 0 By

Science and Technology Daily reporter Chen Xi correspondent Jiao Defang’s newly bought bag can change color, carelessly scraped clothes can heal like skin, car paint scraped after watering the brand new…These scenes from science fiction movies are becoming reality.A team led by Professor Feng Wei of Tianjin University has successfully developed new smart materials.The new material not only changes color, but also has shape memory and self-healing capabilities.The study was selected for the cover article of the international journal “German Applied Chemistry”.For polymer scientists, the ability of adaptive discoloration and camouflage of many organisms in nature has always been a very important research direction.The development of new bionic intelligent color-changing materials and technologies is of great significance to production and life, national defense industry and other fields.At the same time, a lot of polymer materials such as rubber, plastic, paint, fiber and so on are important industrial materials, the annual wear consumption is huge, improving the service life of advanced polymer materials can produce huge economic and social benefits.Seal wei team inspired by nature chameleon smart color changing mechanism, introducing dynamic covalent boric acid ester bond in the main chain type cholesteric phase liquid crystal elastomer, at the same time by using thermal excitation dynamic B – O key exchange features, realized the color film in any color and 3 d shape control programming, and its shape and color can realize reversible control by changing the temperature,Successfully developed a new type of intelligent material – “intelligent color changing liquid crystal polymer film”.The new material, which is only 200 microns thick, is both force chromic, shape programmable and self-healing at room temperature: it can change color when stretched;After being cut, a few drops of water are added to the fracture, and after a period of time the material can heal again, giving it a longer service life.The material also has “memory programming” properties that allow it to be stretched into any two-dimensional or three-dimensional shape and remain unchanged, returning to its original shape when heated above the phase transition temperature.The research provides a simple and universal method, which opens a new path for the development of intelligent bionic color-changing camouflage materials, adaptive optical systems and soft robots, and also has great application potential in clothing and packaging materials, Feng said.Photo editor: Zhang Shuang review: Yue Liang