Can you understand?Why don’t we use General Fan in Shanghai, but foreign coach Leco who was beaten up by a local rifle?

2022-05-04 0 By

Evergrande, which has dominated the Chinese Super League for many years, was defeated by Suning last year and knocked over by Luneng this year. Therefore, SIPG has the momentum to dominate the Chinese Super League next year.As such, Sun xiang took advantage of his shameless position as an assistant coach of the National football team to poach other clubs.However, I don’t understand: why siPG continue to employ foreign coach Lecco?Lecco didn’t have a great year last year.He took the port that has top class foreign aid, the result is hao Wei of luneng native gun is beaten violently 1 head face;Zheng Zhi, who is not a foreign aid to Evergrande, kicked him hard. If Zhang Linpeng, a disciple of Gen Bao, had not sent yan Junling a penalty kick, Zheng Zhijun would have kicked Lecco in the crotch.(See article: “Guangzhou lost 0-1 to SiPG, Zhang Linpeng missed the penalty and handed the runner-up to her opponent.”) Lecco, however, was behaving himself.For example, when he took over siPG coaching, he went to visit Xu Genbao, owner of the supplier of siPG players.Maybe SIPG thought lecco knew the rules and gave him a chance.However, I think: Fan Zhiyi is the most suitable coach for SIPG, which in addition to his football experience, more importantly, he has a big Shanghainese temperament, not a little Xu Genbao shanghainese generosity.