After 01, the teacher came to Hangzhou Primary school!There are also twin teachers who teach the same subject at the same school

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Qianjiang Evening News · Hour News reporter Jin Dandan correspondent Zhao Yutao Wei Menghua recently, hangzhou Shangcheng District Education Bureau affiliated public institutions in November 2021 to open the recruitment of teachers to be employed list has been publicized (the first batch).Last year, children in Hangzhou received their first batch of post-00s teachers.If there were few post-00s teachers last year, this year’s ranks are growing.Qianjiang Evening News · Hour News reporter found that in the list of candidates in the upper city district, “post-00s” account for “half”, 18 out of 37 are “post-00s”, among which the youngest was born in January 2001, a total of two, should be the youngest teachers in Hangzhou.The first batch of recruitment requirements are relatively high, for fresh graduate students, fresh undergraduate graduates and in-service teachers of three types of personnel.For this year’s undergraduate graduates, need to meet one of the following conditions: 1. Provincial outstanding graduates, provincial merit students, provincial outstanding students (league) cadres and other honors graduates; 2.2. Graduates who have won the second prize or above in provincial normal University Students teaching Skills Competition;3. Top 20% graduates of normal universities directly under the Ministry of Education, national First-class Universities and National First-class Disciplines, Chuyang College of Zhejiang Normal University and Jinghengyi College of Hangzhou Normal University;4. Graduates who rank top 10% in overall professional scores of ordinary universities;5. The class of 2022 government-funded normal university students signed by Education Department of Zhejiang Province.The first batch to apply for, are provincial excellent, school excellent, comprehensive results among the best graduates, the final recruitment, but also among the outstanding.We got in touch with One of the new teachers on the list, Pan Kexin, a recent graduate of Qianjiang College of Hangzhou Normal University majoring in Chinese Language and Literature.In the second half of this year, she will officially work in Hangzhou Dinghe Primary School as a primary school Chinese teacher.Although it was the weekend, Pan kexin got up at 7 o ‘clock today and sorted out the arrangements for the day first. The first thing she did after breakfast was to take out her Chinese textbook and prepare lessons and consider the teaching plan.Do you spell “post 01” like that?Not sleeping in on weekends?Pan kexin smiled: “I have been working and sleeping regularly since I was a child. It is also a good habit to get up early. There are many things I can do in the morning.”Why do you choose to be a teacher?’It was a childhood wish,’ Ms. Pan said.”My aunt, uncle are primary school Chinese teachers, kindergarten time to go to my aunt’s school to play, the first time to see the appearance of primary school, suddenly attracted, feel good fun to be a teacher!”In grade one or two, girls love to play house.Pan kexin’s favorite play is to “be a teacher”. She will dig out old exercise books and learn to correct her homework like a teacher.The desire to be a teacher stayed with her, and in high school, the goal became even stronger.”I met three teachers who really influenced me!”Pan said the teachers were very caring and patient, which she is still grateful for.Head teacher and math teacher Shen is very concerned about students’ emotions.”My deskmate and I are very close, go to the toilet also about together, once did not go together, Teacher Shen asked us whether we have a conflict, super meticulous.When we were in the third year of high school, he not only paid attention to our study, but also felt that emotion and psychology were equally important, so he did ideological work for us at any time.”Chinese teacher Shen, wise, witty.”Even the dull classical Chinese is spoken with relish.Before the college entrance examination, I experienced a low point and developed self-doubt.Shin encouraged me and affirmed me again and again.””I didn’t have much interest in high school history, and I didn’t get good grades.In history, the teacher never thought I was a “poor student” and let me be the class representative. After my grades kept up, he patiently helped me to improve.He was not the main subject teacher, but he paid close attention to our psychology and life. He often talked with us about how to adjust our mood and how to ensure sleep.When his daughter sends food from another university, the teacher always gives it to us.”Pan said that at that time, she had a clear goal in mind to become an excellent teacher like them in the future.She did not perform well in the college entrance examination. After entering the university, though she did not study the normal major, she always had a clear goal. She not only excelled in her major, with her academic performance ranking in the top 5% and often winning first-class scholarship, but also studied normal courses in her spare time and successfully passed the TEACHING resources examination in her senior year.”In learning never ‘water’, with a goal, there will be a steady stream of power.”Compared with normal majors, non-normal students have “congenital deficiencies” when they become teachers.”But I think interest, combined with hard work, can make up for weakness.”In her sophomore year, Pan kexin bought a blackboard and put it on the balcony of her home. When she was free, she practiced writing on the blackboard and set up a mobile phone to record videos of her own trial lectures, thinking over and over.She found the lecture records of many famous teachers, and explored the classroom structure, teachers’ manners, and the way of interaction with students.”My brother is in grade six this year, and my uncle’s children are also in primary school. I like to communicate with them.”Home in Hangzhou, and read in hangzhou university, university, Pan Kexin plans to stay in Hangzhou later work.Last November, she signed up for teaching in uptown.”At that time, when I saw dinghe primary school only recruited one Chinese teacher, I thought I would give it a try. I didn’t have too much ‘burden’, and I felt I played quite well.”Pan Kexin’s laughter is bright, she has her own advantages, willing to study, cheerful personality, love communication, peace of mind.These days, she has been in ding he primary school with guard.”It was the first time to teach sixth grade children, a big challenge, a new identity, a new start.”She studied, listened and sharpened her lessons with the older teachers.”The seniors in the Chinese section are very experienced and warm, so you can consult them anytime if you have any questions or difficulties.I also learned a lot from senior class teachers about how to deal with children’s small emotions.””As a young teacher, I lack practical experience, which is what I want to improve most,” she said earnestly.During the first few days of school, she became more and more fond of this beautiful primary school.”At the beginning of the school, the school made tiger cakes for children born in the year of the Tiger. How lovely!The children were also very polite, walking around the campus, coming up and saluting.The school leaders and colleagues have given me a lot of care and help, giving me advice on teaching and management, and patiently guiding me how to solve conflicts in class.”As a new teacher of “post-01”, Pan kexin said, because age is very concerned, and youth means vitality, I hope I can exert more vitality and work harder in the future, so that everyone can have a better understanding of “post-00” and “post-01”. At the same time, teaching benefits students, and I hope to promote each other with children and grow up together.Today, teachers are no stranger to twin students.But can you imagine having twin teachers?They taught the same course.In the list of candidates, qianjiang Evening News reporter hour News also found that there were two teachers with similar names, the same date of birth, the same major in the same university, and were employed by Dinghui No.2 Primary School in Hangzhou at the same time. They are likely to be twin sisters!This morning, we contacted Teacher Wei, who is in charge of recruitment at Hangzhou Dinghui No. 2 Primary School.”Twin sisters, very good!”Teacher of the kingdom of Wei spends the impression very deep to sister, “be in hang teacher big job fair last year, the elder sister comes to sign up first, we see she is provincial excellent, very interested, chatted with her.I heard she had a twin sister, too.I ranked first in two classes in the same major in the same university.”Teacher of the kingdom of Wei says, in interview, the play that the sister spends is very outstanding.”Now I’m working as an intern in our school, following ‘Master’ into class.”This afternoon, qianjiang Evening News · Hour news reporter contacted the two sisters pan Baihui and Pan Baijie who went back to university to attend the homecoming day.They are “post-00s”, are zhejiang Ocean University primary education (teacher) major undergraduate graduates.”We were inseparable from each other since childhood. We went to the same school in primary and middle school.After taking an examination of the different high school, and are living in school, separate after feel not quite wonderful, when the college entrance examination is thinking of the university or strive for together, went to participate in the trinity.I am very happy that we successfully admitted to the same university and the same major together!”Sister Pan Baihui told qianjiang Evening News, hour News reporter, the most happy is that primary education (teacher) major is their most yearning.”There are many teachers in our family, aunt, cousin are teachers, we are very familiar with the profession of teachers since childhood, and with respect and yearning.When we were growing up, we also met a lot of loving teachers and were always grateful to them. Therefore, when choosing a major for the college entrance examination, we did not hesitate to fill in the teacher’s major, and I hope to be like them in the future.”The sisters said they grew up in the spotlight because of their special status.”We are often compared with each other, and we often fight and quarrel with each other, but more often we accompany and encourage each other, learn from each other’s strengths, and improve together through competition and cooperation.”Sister Pan Baihui said that most of the time, they both feel that it is great to have a sister who can connect with heart.”She’s always there for you when you’re upset.”Studying the same major, the twins’ innate advantages are highlighted again.The sisters were a small “lesson preparation team”.”We evaluate each other’s lessons and learn from each other’s strengths.We can be quite sharp in our comments, pointing out each other’s weaknesses in a straightforward way.”The two sisters believe that teaching the same subject in the same school is of great benefit to improving their teaching level. They often grind lessons and make courseware together to improve their professional ability.The two sisters look very much alike, with the same long hair, the same frame and the same voice. Most of the time, we will have a kind of “copy and paste” illusion.”We are different in personality. My sister is more calm and rational, while my sister is more outgoing and outgoing.”In class, my sister’s lectures are more organized, while my sister’s are more active.The two sisters, who come from Wenzhou but have always liked Hangzhou, applied to the school’s recruitment last year.”I am so happy to be admitted together!Can work together again, together hard!I really appreciate the opportunity given by Ding Hui!”Last week, they entered Hangzhou Dinghui No. 2 Primary School for a pre-job internship.”We learned a lot by listening to the teacher and grinding his lessons.”Although one is in grade two and the other is in grade three, once in a while, the school children found two almost identical Teacher Pan “in the same frame”!”Kids are super cute!”The children suddenly looked stunned, and naughty children thought of the journey to the West, smiled happily and said, we have “true and false Pan teacher”!What is more interesting is that in 2019, the school also hired a pair of twin sisters, Hua Liu Huan and Liu Le, who are also Chinese teachers.According to Liu Huan and Liu Le School, the recruitment of twin teachers has many advantages. On the one hand, they can help each other in professional development and form healthy competition. At the same time, twin teachers can promote the stable development of the school’s teaching staff and reduce the resignation rate.Sister is in, sister is also in, professional identity is stronger.Last week, the sisters also went to see miss Liu.”In the internship, we try to have more growth and bring a clear, interesting and lively class to the children.”This article is the original work of Qianjiang Evening News. Without permission, it is forbidden to reprint, copy, extract, rewrite and spread online, otherwise, the newspaper will pursue the legal responsibility of the infringer through judicial channels.