Wuhan outbreak source found?Central media announced clues, can be traced to the United States Maine imported lobster

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China Daily recently published an article revealing new clues about the source of the outbreak in Wuhan.In November 2019, a merchant at the Huanan Seafood Market in Wuhan, China, reportedly bought frozen lobsters from Maine in the US online.And a month later, employees of the businesses who came into contact with the lobsters all developed symptoms of COVID-19.Thirteen other stores had access to the lobster packages, and their employees were among the first to be infected.The lobsters arrived in south China via the cold chain, but according to the researchers’ tests, the Novel Coronavirus can also survive at low temperatures for a long time, meaning that there is a possibility that the imported lobsters from the United States could carry the virus.And in September 2019, there was an outbreak of “vaping pneumonia”, a respiratory illness allegedly caused by vaping, in Maine.But the symptoms of the disease are very similar to COVID-19, with sufferers suffering from difficulty breathing, coughing and high fever.At the same time, the transmission is also very strong, in a short period of time, spread to many states in the United States.More strangely, after the outbreak of the epidemic in The Huanan Seafood Market in Wuhan, the “e-cigarette pneumonia” in the US mysteriously disappeared. The US government and media kept silent and stopped publicly mentioning “e-cigarette pneumonia”, which seemed to be deliberately avoiding it.Based on the symptoms and infectivity of patients, “vaping pneumonia” is likely to be COVID-19 and has been transported to China via the cold chain.And there may be more than that, because during the Wuhan Military Games, American athletes showed symptoms of COVID-19 and performed poorly at the games, failing to win a single gold medal.The U.S. government has been reluctant to release reports on athletes’ health in the face of questions about the COVID-19 outbreak that broke out shortly after the games ended.There is every indication that the US is very likely the source of the Novel Coronavirus, and there must be some connection between the two, otherwise there would not be so many coincidences.Since the outbreak of COVID-19, US officials have repeatedly hurled dirty water at China and even demanded compensation from China. Now, it is all the more appropriate for China to seek compensation from the US, as long as the US claim of “spreading the virus” to China is confirmed.In the past two years, there has been an international call for the United States to accept the tracing of the source, but it has not been taken seriously by the United States and the WHO. Even though the United States has a huge suspicion, it is still at large and does not worry that the tracing of the source of the novel coronavirus will be traced back to itself.The United States is still dominating the world, dominating other countries by virtue of its strong military power.Even the WHO must be led by the NOSE by the US, otherwise it would not have asked China to trace its source twice.When the WHO team came to China for the first time, they made a field visit to the South China seafood market. During this period, The Chinese side did its best to cooperate with the team. Wherever they wanted to go and see any information, the Chinese side did its best to meet their needs.As a result, after the WHO released its investigation report, the US challenged it again, claiming that it lacked “transparency” and that the WHO did not stick to its objective position and accepted the US suggestion of secondary traceability to China.Therefore, even if the United States is implicated in the suspicion, it will be difficult for the international community to trace the source of the suspicion, and the US government will only prevaricate with various reasons.The only way to do that is to find hard evidence of coronavirus testing in the United States, and then make it public to establish the link between the United States and the source of the Novel Coronavirus.Because there are still many countries on the SIDE of the United States, they will not turn around and put pressure on the United States unless they see convincing evidence. China’s strength alone is far from enough.The good news is that Russia is likely to have access to American secrets.Russian forces have taken over some of the U.S. laboratories in Ukraine, where they store dangerous viruses and laboratory data that the U.S. could not destroy.Russia has already released some data showing that bats have been captured in the United States for coronavirus testing.If we dig deeper, we may be able to find the truth of the epidemic, and then we will see what the US and WHO have to say.In short, the work of tracing the source of the coronavirus should not remain stagnant. Finding the source of the Novel Coronavirus as soon as possible will help countries formulate better countermeasures.The first challenge for tracing the origin of the novel coronavirus is how to enter the American biological laboratory for investigation.