“Spring Festival I am on duty” give up “small home”, protect “everyone” | they escort people’s health

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In The Xinfa Red Cross Hospital in Daoli District, a group of people give up their “small home” to protect “everyone” and stick to their posts when people get together to celebrate the Spring Festival.The nucleic acid sampling work of the hospital runs without rest to provide help to those who travel, and the medical staff on duty from all departments are also on duty to protect the health of people in Xinfa Town.During the Spring Festival, in order to ensure orderly nucleic acid sampling at home, the Red Cross Hospital set up several nucleic acid sampling teams to actively communicate with people returning to their hometowns, make clear the sampling list, plan work routes, ensure emergency supplies, and arrange samplers to take samples at home every day.Ao Liwei, director of the prevention and health care Department, said: “Every morning, the team members will arrive at work in advance, do a good job of personal protection, set out early, sometimes do not have lunch, insist on working!”The winding and rugged rural roads tested the strength and endurance of the sampling staff, but the nucleic acid collection team went all out to complete the epidemic prevention tasks without any complaints.In addition to normal diagnosis and treatment and nucleic acid collection, the New Red Cross Hospital has also arranged nucleic acid collection duty and nucleic acid sampling duty to ensure the convenience of returning residents during the Spring Festival.In order to ensure that residents return to their hometowns for the Spring Festival, family reunion and convenient travel, and to let them get nucleic acid test reports as soon as possible, many staff at different positions actively participate in the duty, giving up reunion with their families, to ensure that people can get the best service and the fastest work efficiency during the Spring Festival.As a medical staff, great responsibility, glorious mission, a difficult task, all the staff always stick to post new Red Cross hospital, bear responsibility, with practical action to interpretation and practice of the healer kung, big love without feelings as a healer, put people’s life safety and body health first, resolutely implement the epidemic prevention and control functions,Work together to ensure that the people have a peaceful and safe Spring Festival!Source: Harbin News Network Sun Ji Lu Jianjun reporter: Liu Shuyuan editor: Wang Yue