Weihai city industry and information bureau: how to extend the chain investment?Enterprise workshop “Learning from experience”

2022-05-02 0 By

“What kind of support do you need upstream and downstream?””What kind of companies do you want to cooperate with?”On February 9th, a “team” from Weihai Industry and Information Technology Bureau came to the workshop of Xinjia Electronics Co., LTD., “seeking advice” from enterprises for the investment of industrial chain.The city’s investment promotion and project construction to promote the conference clearly put forward, “adhere to the industry chain investment”.In accordance with the requirements of the conference, Weihai Industry and Information Technology Bureau sorted out the printing equipment and intelligent service terminal industry chain at the first time, aiming its vision at key enterprises on the chain.”As the main body of the industrial chain, enterprises are most aware of the trend of industrial development and supporting needs. Their focus is on building, reinforcing and strengthening the chain, as well as attracting investment from the industrial chain.Based on the current situation of the industry and the needs of enterprises, we should ask for advice from enterprises and their needs, so as to introduce more ‘fill-in-the-blank’ enterprises of the industrial chain with a definite aim.”Weihai City industry information bureau deputy director Yang Qiyu introduced.Key enterprises “select carefully”, the department “head” personally lead the team, which shows that Weihai Industry and Information Technology Bureau attaches importance to the industry chain investment.Within one day, Weihai Industry and Information Technology Bureau visited xinjia Electronics, Yihe Precision and Tianli Power Supply three key enterprises, not only to check the construction and development of enterprise projects, but also face-to-face communication with the enterprise leaders to listen to opinions and suggestions.”Learning” time is not long, but a lot of harvest.Effective feedback from enterprises provides key information for the development of the next step;In the survey, Tianli Power has cooperated with other enterprises in Weihai;The new best electronics has a judgment on the downstream of intelligent terminal equipment.”Today’s ‘harvest’ will effectively promote local enterprises to increase capital and expand production, thus driving the optimization and upgrading of the industrial chain structure.”Weihai city industry information bureau electronic information section chief Li Peiwei said.At present, relevant departments of Weihai Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology are sorting out other advantageous industrial chains one by one, determining the list of enterprises that “learn from”, and understanding the needs of enterprises by carrying out industrial matchmaking meetings, exchange meetings and other forms, creating more opportunities and platforms for enterprise expansion and project introduction.(Hi Weihai client reporter Key Liang/sun Dawei/photo)