The new Volvo XC60

2022-05-02 0 By

Volvo’s best-selling SUV, the XC60, released in June with a mid-range makeover, pushes the boundaries of safety and smart experience into a new era.The appearance of the new car is not greatly changed, but some changes are made in details, such as the new 3D mirror design for LOGO and the rear part of the car. The change point lies in the replacement of the rear LOGO, which is upgraded from T4 and T5 to B4 and B5 LOGO.The new car continues to offer a choice of two different style kits for consumers, the Deluxe and the Sport.Inside the car, it’s still Nordic minimalism.In addition to Volvo’s environmentally-friendly materials, the Swedish royal Orrefors crystal bar adds a touch of Nordic luxury and elegance to the interior of the XC60, adding to the luxury and premium feel of the car’s interior.Safety has always been the core value of Volvo. The new XC60 is equipped with a 29% high-strength boron steel cage safety body, which creates a “tank on the road” for the occupants.In terms of active Safety, the XC60 comes standard with the third-generation City Safety™ Smart Urban Safety system, which features 20 high-spec ultra-sensitive sensors at the same level to improve Safety on the road.In addition, the new XC60 has active safety features such as RAB automatic backward braking, a side warning system for reversing vehicles, an EMERGENCY stop assistance ESA and a ready to leave notification.It is worth mentioning that the “ready to depart notification” feature is a great boon for many mobile phone addicts nowadays.During the test drive experience, the intelligent Pilot Assist system provides precise driving and control assistance, which can complete the 0-130km /h adaptive centering cruise in curves and maintain the course automatically, truly freeing your feet in high-speed driving.Compared with the appearance, the biggest upgrade of the new XC60 is in the smart car. The new XC60 is equipped with the only built-in native Android system of the same class. Its advantages are fast response, powerful, safer and more reliable operation, the same operation logic as mobile phone, no transition from mobile phone to car, quick operation.Meanwhile, a native Android car gives the XC60 a more open ecosystem of integrated apps.Huawei App Market, Huawei Intelligent Assistant, Tmall Genie, Tencent Equ Listen and other rich applications are all included, truly realizing the full time smart travel.At the same time, the new XC60 is also the only model of the same class equipped with iFLYTEK dual-mic array, which can realize 60+ full scene dialogue, travel weather, hotel, air ticket information can be asked by Xiaowo.Imagine, when you are driving on the highway, no, the stock market is about to close today, and you have not had time to look at it, and it is not convenient to look at your phone, this time you can just call “Xiao Wo” to grasp the real-time market.In terms of power, the new XC60 is equipped with a 2.0T high and low power engine, which is matched with the current mainstream 8AT manual automatic transmission. Meanwhile, the new XC60 is equipped with a hybrid power system, which fully optimizes the power response and makes driving feel smoother and more comfortable.Thanks to the addition of the hybrid, the XC60’s auto-start and stop feature is lighter and almost imperceptible, making the new XC60’s dynamic response faster and more direct than ever, with a light, effortless output.On the chassis side, the XC60 features a front McPherson plus rear multi-link independent suspension, which provides more comfortable shock absorber damping Settings, better vibration isolation and sound insulation, as well as driving comfort.The XC60 also features a sixth-generation Borgwarner all-wheel-drive system that makes driving more comfortable, responsive and stable even in rain and snow.The 4C adaptive chassis can monitor the road conditions 500 times per second, adjust the height of the body adaptively, and cooperate with the only air suspension at the same level, which not only ensures the movement, but also further strengthens the comfort.For many consumers, it is not difficult to buy a luxury brand car, but they always worry about “affordable, repairable”.Volvo has also been keeping consumers in mind and has been optimizing parts prices for years to reduce the cost of cars for consumers.The good news comes in the form of a recent report from China Insurance Research Institute. Among luxury brands, Volvo’s new XC60 has a lower zero ratio than its peers, which means a significant reduction in maintenance costs.Comprehensive upgrade of safety configuration, technology configuration, simple design language, coupled with greatly reduced car costs, will really bring consumers full of happiness, such a car and who will refuse?