The Lakers’ last hurrah?A breakup of the Big Three may be inevitable, with the big four expected to support James

2022-05-02 0 By

The Lakers are closing in on a tough six-game road trip but haven’t returned to.500 yet, partly because of James’ sudden injury.But the two remaining superstars — Timberlake and Westbrook — have done their homework and are statistically top performers, although there is a huge difference between timberlake being positive and Westbrook still negative.So it makes sense that Westbrook doesn’t have much value on the market, not to mention his massive two-year, $90-plus million contract.With Pelinka having failed to make deals for other role players, it’s time to reconsider.There are times when the Lakers don’t make sense of their trade, as when they sacrificed a lot of good chips for Westbrook, when the chemistry of the Big Three is very low, or when James and Eyebrows are far more powerful than the Big Three, and other role players aren’t as good as they are right now.Sources said the lakers wouldn’t rule out making a last-gasp trade offer at the last minute, but the only deal they could offer the lakers would be rebuilding.According to potential trade scenarios, the Rockets are the closest team to the Lakers, Westbrook is definitely out of the running, and Wall is not the lakers’ favorite.The Lakers will offer only one trade chip, while the Rockets will offer seven trade chips, including backcourt core Eric Gordon, mid-life quality interior representative Christian Wood, veteran interior forward Daniel Theis, defensive forward Jayshawn Tate,And a 2023 first-round pick, 2025 first-round pick and 2027 first-round pick.This seven-for-one trading scheme is too shocking, although it is what each needs, but not necessarily the best option.The Lakers, however, have benefited from the fact that they no longer believe in the Big Three, but have improved their inside and defense by adding multiple role players.The lakers’ weakness is defense, and vogel can’t do much about it, but the Rockets’ players, who have been helping the team fall apart, are not without their ability to play, and actually fit the Lakers’ system.Wood, in particular, is less effective in the paint than Timberline, averaging 18 points, 10 rebounds and two assists per game, but has the opportunity to help James and Westbrook blend, because wood is no longer James’ first choice, westbrook is naturally James’ first choice.In addition, Gordon is a key player, bringing a quasi-giant role and serving as the head of the rotation.The Lakers also end up with a valuable first-round pick, which opens up the possibility of a roster upgrade.If this trade comes to pass, perhaps the lakers’ goal this season really is just to make the playoffs, and James’ next championship should happen at age 38.If the Lakers have any ambitions, a breakup of the Big three is indeed inevitable.