New Year Wood-block prints in Heze, Hebei-Shuru-Yubian area: Immortal marks of revolutionary times

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Heze city is located in the center of the southwest Shandong Yellow Area at the junction of Hebei, Shandong, Henan, Jiangsu and Anhui provinces. Heze is an important part of the base area of hebei, Shandong and Henan border area, and belongs to the old revolutionary base area.Known as Caozhou in ancient times, Heze has a long history and splendid traditional culture. It is known as the Capital of Peony in China, the hometown of opera, calligraphy and painting, the hometown of martial arts and the hometown of folk art. The Caozhou New Year wood-block prints of Heze, “one capital and four villages”, have played its due positive role.As an excellent historical culture, Caozhou New Year wood-block prints originated in the Song and Jin Dynasties, flourished in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, and expanded in the Republic of China. It enjoys a long reputation at home and abroad, which is comparable to the four major producing areas of New Year wood-block prints in China.According to research, Caozhou New Year wood-block prints are an indispensable part of the extensive and profound Yellow River culture.Due to the local special human geographical environment decided, make it coagulated three significant characteristics: first, the region is vast.Centered on the former Caozhou Prefecture, the epidemic area and spread scope are extremely extensive, all over the southwest Shandong Yellow Area.Second, there are many shops.Urban and rural development, linked villages, orderly inheritance of time-honored paper code workshops everywhere.The New Year wood-block prints created fully demonstrate the personality charm of southwest Shandong.Third, a complete range of varieties.Her works are not only limited to the mainstream Lunar New Year paintings such as door Gods, God, Lao Zao God and the God of civil and military wealth, etc., but also keep pace with The Times, often dabble in all the art derivatives that are closely related to the basic necessities of life and livelihood of the common people.As is known to all, Heze city is known as the hometown of Peony, opera, painting and calligraphy, martial arts and folk art in China, which are fully and vividly represented in caozhou New Year wood-block prints, so it is not difficult to find the close connection between them and mutual influence.As the folk art of Heze in the southwest of Shandong province has a broad mass base, it provides necessary objective conditions and the possibility of implementation for the New Year wood-block prints to give full play to its advantages and meet the needs of fighting against Japanese invaders and the war of liberation.With the development and change of the historical times, the revolutionary struggle life in the jei-Lu-Henan border area has given it new vitality, making the New Year pictures in jei-Lu-Henan border area shine brilliantly.Tsaochow women’s teams of guns, the book New Year pictures, shaping the liberation war period, hebei shangdong and henan province party committee, the government in response to the central base area in the border region great call, have sent out art workers into hebei shangdong and henan province urban and rural new workshop in the border region, propaganda and guidance, and vigorously carry out work for the modification of the folk woodcut New Year pictures.On the one hand, the creative content will be the original mainstream traditional New Year pictures, such as door god, kitchen King and other pictures, temporarily covered with a variety of fashionable slogans advancing with The Times, is to “improve the New Year pictures”;On the other hand, some professional artists combined with the needs of the revolutionary situation, their own hands, speed up the creation of revolutionary New Year paintings, such as “Hebei, Shandong and Henan Border Area literary federation art group”, “Hebei, Shandong and Henan Border Area art Department painting class”, in this activity quickly produced a series of New Year paintings closely following the revolutionary situation.At the same time, the government of the border region has carefully cultivated and organized a creative team of New Year paintings active in the people by organizing various folk art training classes, training classes, demonstrations and on-site guidance.Because the New Year pictures are closer to the real life of the people, closely related to the working people, no sense of distance, and deeply favored by the working masses of the base area, the New Year pictures in Heze, Hebei, Luzhou and Henan border area has been widely promoted and popularized rapidly.At the same time, jizluyu Daily, Jizluyu Xinhua Bookstore, Jizluyu Pictorial, Jizluyu Border Political Department comrade-in-arms magazine, Heze Comrade-in-arms Newspaper, Heze Mass Bookstore, and Jizluyu Mass Digest established by Jizluyu Mass Digest on July 1, 1946.In 1947, jizhu-Henan plain agency edited and published the mass popular periodicals “plain literature and art” magazine, or headquarters, head shop in Heze city, or has been in Heze old city publication and publication.These newspapers, magazines and art groups of publishing houses in the border areas of Hebei, Shandong and Henan created and published a large number of new and popular wood-block New Year pictures, such as Joining the Army and The War of Resistance, which played an immeasurably great role in promoting the promotion and popularization of New Year pictures in the base areas of Hebei, Shandong and Henan.In addition, Heze Jizhu-Lu-Henan border area folk artist, New Year painting author Liu Zonghe, after work to work in the border area literary and art department, the newly created “Join the Army”, shows the jizhu-Lu-Henan border area people warmly send off their loved ones, to participate in the eighth Route Army to the front moving scene;Another work, “Making New Farm Tools”, also vividly depicts the joyful scene of the poor peasants who were liberated from poverty in the base area. After the vigorous land reform movement, they were given a share of their land and elaborately made new farm tools.It is reported that Heze city archives also has a collection of 1947 before and after the printed Hebei, Shandong and Henan border area began the national offensive period of the New Year paintings, a total of 11 pieces, most signed “Hebei, Shandong and Henan Area second Arts panel” and “rural painting shop”, red orange yellow green blue purple, seven color overprint, are distinctive, particularly inspiring.In the summer of 1947, Caozhou New Year wood-block prints were printed. Appreciation of the New Year pictures:At the beginning of 2000, the collection of Heze, Hebei, Shandong and Henan border area of the War of Resistance against Japanese New Year painting, five color overprint, two pairs (another single), excellent appearance. The top line is a “battle hero”, wearing the army soldiers of the People’s Liberation Army.On the left arm is a long spear, with its armband showing the words “Chinese Liberation Army”, holding a broadsword in the right hand, bearing a valiant bearing; on the lower couplet is a “labor hero”, dressed as a farmer, holding a sickle in the right hand and a bunch of red sorghum in the left hand, riding a red horse with a big red flower on the chest.Bright colors, strong contrast and harmony, powerful, vivid, vivid, extremely appealing, vividly depicts and truly reproduces the hot struggle life of the military and civilian family in the base area of hebei, Shandong and Henan border area in order to defend the country, while fighting together, and at the same time doing large-scale production.”War hero. Labor hero” keeper of the war of resistance against Japan in 1945, another is “the god of heaven and earth”, four open appearance, a total of more than 200, most of which are sealed by the picture above four word “democracy”. The traditional New Year pictures, using natural pigment five color overprint, grave and gorgeous color, combined with the “democratic” four characters of eye-catching logos, refreshing.”Democracy” the god of heaven and earth in 1944, the war of resistance is three, improvement of the new Spring Festival pictures hebei shangdong and henan province border region of the former. Peer support “and” fight the landlord. Altogether has five parts, all belong to tsaochow woodcut New Year pictures “the notebook”. Also for the new one thousand years later, in heze of antiques flea market. First said the former. Peer support, there are two of a frame inside the book.Its picture is engraved with “trolley stretcher on the front, work at home to help each other”, the bottom signed “Border Area No. 1 Middle School (now heze No. 1 Middle School predecessor) art Department painting work class system”. This picture vividly reproduces the base area of Hebei, Shandong and Henan border area, after the start of the national counteroffensive, both revolutionary production, mutual aid and cooperation of labor scene.From the inside and outside of the painting, it seems that the soldiers of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army are rushing to the front, the militia and strong laborers are going to the front, carrying grain and grass in carts, and carrying stretchers to help the sick and wounded. While the people who stay behind, male and female laborers are enthusiastically setting up mutual aid groups to support the front and cooperate in mass production.The former. Peer support. 1946-1947, the book painting called “book”, also called notebook, book clip and shaping book. Some scholars and a large house bills the embroider pouch “best friend”. Because of the dialect, local people will be the “book” books of “book” pronounced “fu”, often read into a “book”, which gives the happiness of the auspicious meaning.The attack of shandong old blue cloth (now said “LuJin”) of the coating, hence the creamy-coloured up New Year picture book, for tsaochow one of series of woodcut New Year’s paintings art derivatives. In the long the impergium, peasant women hit southwest sewing a moment cannot leave the thing in the world, married since the beginning of the beginning, the more love, handed down from generation to generation.The object also has important auxiliary functions, the most prominent one is to teach and amuse, or used to coax and edify the naughty crying children at home, or spread historical and cultural knowledge, or imitates the skills depicted in folk art forms imsubtly.For thousands of years, in a sense, it has been playing the role of those popular “little picture books” in the 1950s and 1960s. Another picture is “Fight the Landlord”, which also ends: “Don’t look at the landlord pretending to bow his head, pretending to be poor and pleading with him, hiding a sword behind a smile and being ruthless in heart, the poor should never let go.Border – one art painting shift system “, reflect the general turn to liberate the peasants and armed with pikes broadsword backbone militia, in the mutual cooperation of mass production at the same time, do not forget to be down with hostile. At the same time specific graphically shows that year hebei shangdong and henan province people’s border region, fearlessness, complaining, brilliantly and swept up serious and warm scenes.The three New Year paintings were found in the Yellow River area in the northern part of Juancheng county and framed in a peasant woman’s juancheng book. Unfortunately, due to long-term browsing, they were heavily worn.However, it was a coincidence that a few years later, the same Juancheng county friend sent two separate pieces of “Fight landlord” and “Help Group” with the same theme. The quality was relatively good, and it seemed that they should have been torn from the whole with-bound fu book.”Fight the landlord,” 1946-1947, the book pictures at the same time, he saw chun-lan li, from hebei shangdong and henan province bookstore publishing, “the art of the mass line (serial) – folk art album” (October 1947)), as the mass art road – hebei shangdong and henan province first middle school art summary report (August 20, 1947), “also wrote:”Within 50 days from its establishment in June to August 15, the Art Department of No.1 Middle School opened three training classes for painting, drama and music, reformed old folk artists (painting, carving, framing and printing) and trained a total of 173 child singers.”On juancheng West Yilou, the painter made a cartoon of the crimes of landlord Yi Ming Lu without writing, and the people could recognize the main characters in the cartoon. This method, with vivid and specific materials, combined with the local farmers’ emotions, and had great publicity power,” it said:”After the completion of this painting, in Fan (county) and Shou (Zhang) counties to prepare for two painting shops.Hebei shangdong and henan province in the “archives of several other new goalkeeper hebei shangdong and henan province border region border region f book cover pictures” riches and honour peace peony figure “in short, heze hebei shangdong and henan province new pictures border region is a kind of new art form, it truly reproduce the hebei shangdong and henan province border region revolutionary base revolution, the glorious course of mass production, when paired with the hot struggle of politics, economy, military,In order to drive out the Japanese aggressors and liberate the whole Of China, it played its due revolutionary function, greatly encouraged the working people to emancipate and win the final victory of the revolution confidence and strength.