Make concerted efforts to beautify the beautiful countryside

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Create beautiful courtyards, salvage river wastes and remove field debris. Donggang Street is vigorously carrying out comprehensive improvement of fishing and rural environment, striving to ensure that there is no garbage, wasteland, storage yard and broken shed along both sides of the main passage and the farmland around the main village within the street scope.There is no scattered garbage in front and back of fishing rural houses, no exposed garbage in fields, no scattered garbage along highways, and no floating garbage in rivers and ponds.This will help improve the quality of life of villagers and lay a solid ecological foundation for rural revitalization.Disorderly order and garbage everywhere will not only make rural scenery greatly reduced, but also directly affect the villagers’ living environment and quality of life.In fact, as income levels rise, so does the demand for a high-quality environment among affluent fishing farmers.Unfortunately, many people still have not changed their humble living habits. In particular, environmental problems in fields and along river roads are mostly “family affairs”, which are more likely to lead to “tragedy of the Commons” due to the “broken window effect”.From this month, donggang Street will carry out comprehensive improvement of the rural environment for fishing, which is in line with the reality of the countryside and the will of the people. It is expected to implement normal governance on the basis of uniformly eliminating dirt and clutter.After several years of building the city, the urban and rural areas in our area have significantly changed, and the general public’s civilized quality is to see the wisdom of the same.However, weak links still exist and the gap between urban and rural areas remains obvious.To carry out comprehensive improvement of fishing rural environment and extend the tentacles of whole-area city creation to villages in the fields is also the intention of building a higher level of civilized cities in China.In the comprehensive renovation of Donggang street, attention was paid to the publicity of the masses and the masses were aroused. Some old Party members took the lead in taking action and played a positive role.This shows that “volunteer red” can also spread in fishing villages.People and the environment interact with each other. With the sequencing and beautification of the fishing rural environment, more and more people are bound to change from the inadaptation at the initial stage of renovation and become active participants in creating and sharing beautiful homes.Some fishing villages in Donggang sub-district have started from thorough cleaning and cleaning, and gradually implemented daily dynamic cleaning inspections, promoted the extension of village cleaning to farmland areas, and organized forces to implement integrated management and protection.Such treatment of both symptoms and root causes, unremitting efforts, the natural beauty of the countryside is not difficult to achieve “clean, neat, green, beautiful, scenery, rhyme”.Make concerted efforts to spruce up the beautiful countryside, so that the villagers can live in a good environment and the whole region will have a good scenery.There is reason to believe that with the deepening of the comprehensive improvement of the fishing rural environment, the construction of beautiful countryside will reach a new level, and the road of rural revitalization and common prosperity will be broader and broader.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: