“I want to protect everyone.” Ba Tie, a graduate student from Zhejiang Medical University, has become a volunteer

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“As a medical student, I will go where I am needed.””That’s SAEED SABOOR, a Pakistani international student who is currently a 2019 Master’s student in clinical medicine at zhejiang Chinese Medicine University’s School of International Education.Sabur, an intern at hangzhou First People’s Hospital, discusses with colleagues about volunteering for the Hangzhou Asian Games on Jan 27.He learned from his colleagues that hospitals in Hangzhou needed more volunteers because of the epidemic.Sabur immediately looked for the hospital to put forward their own ideas, said he wanted to participate in the anti-epidemic volunteer service work.”In the face of the epidemic, we should stand up and protect everyone like an angel of justice.”Sabur enjoys hangzhou and volunteer work and would like to do something for more people if he gets the chance.Since the outbreak of the epidemic, many teachers and students of ZHEJIANG Chinese Medicine University have come forward to fight against the epidemic, including His fellow countryman MUHAMMAD ZULQARNAIN, 2020 master student of the School of International Education of Zhejiang Chinese Medicine University.Martin and Sabur signed up to be volunteers.After receiving hospital training as medical graduate students, they quickly went to work.As the “Spring Festival travel rush” coincided with a surge in demand for nucleic acid tests, they helped hospitals to guide, maintain order and provide corresponding help to people.Martin and Sabur had just arrived on the job on a rainy day, but their enthusiasm was undimmed. They patiently guided people to the hospital for nucleic acid tests through the rain.”Seeing so many people eager to make nucleic acid, I wanted to help them, so I didn’t feel the cold weather.””Sabur said.Many of these patients were elderly, unable to speak or understand English, so Ms. Sabur and Mr. Martin patiently explained it to them in Chinese.Sabur and Martin are happy to hear compliments on their Chinese speaking skills and volunteer work.”We really want to do something for Hangzhou, especially as medical students, to shoulder the responsibility and live up to the white coat we wear.”Sabur and Martin said they cherish their service and are grateful to the hospital for giving them the opportunity to experience this special battlefield experience.Source: Zhejiang News (Xinmeihui Positive Energy pool)