Hu Xiaoming visited enterprises before the Spring Festival

2022-05-02 0 By

On the afternoon of January 27, Hu Xiaoming, deputy Secretary of the District Party Committee and director of the management Committee, visited some enterprises in the park and extended greetings and sincere wishes to the entrepreneurs.District Party committee member, management committee deputy director Zheng Hanwen, district three-level researcher Liu Jianqiang visited condolences.Hu Xiaoming and his delegation visited Yikang Food, Huimei Agriculture, Qiyuexiang and other enterprises successively, sending holiday greetings and blessings to entrepreneurs, and expressing sincere thanks to all enterprises and employees in the district through them.During the visit, Hu Xiaoming communicated with entrepreneurs cordially, learned about the development status and operational problems of enterprises in detail, and made in-depth discussions on how to solve practical problems.The person in charge of the enterprise expressed heartfelt thanks to the visit, said that they would adhere to the development goal of improving product quality, broadening product categories and extending industrial chain, constantly improve their core competitiveness, and contribute more strength to the high-quality development of west Dongting economic society.Hu xiaoming said that it is the responsibility and obligation of the district Party Committee and management committee to do a good job in serving enterprises.He urged all functional departments in the region to strengthen their sense of service, continue to optimize the business environment, and serve enterprises with heart and soul.We should strengthen the guarantee of factors, strengthen communication and exchanges, fully support enterprises to become bigger and stronger, and boost the high-quality economic and social development of West Dongting.Correspondent: Zeng Qingliang