Empty joy, ace foreign aid was abandoned by guangzhou men’s basketball, fans are cold heart

2022-05-02 0 By

With the deepening of the window, some foreign aid, before signing their teams to give up, after all, time is running out, and the tianjin team, henson will therefore confirm that was abandoned, for zhejiang metal, before they have been in touch small rivers foreign aid, but as time is not enough, doc rivers can’t arrive at the poor men’s basketball team, at present,The ace foreign aid has been confirmed by guangzhou men’s basketball completely abandoned.Many known, zhejiang construction of selection of foreign aid, is the worst in the league, a model of success in recent years, only fortson and bologna sith combination, therefore, as head of operations team, boss MiaoShouShou suffered huge question, sign Jones, the season is not bad, lost only one game for the first phase, the second phase or even beat the guangdong tigers.As for another foreign aid, emeka okafor has arrived in poor men’s basketball team, is expected in the third stage named, but players, many problems still, Sun Minghui ups and downs in the state of the, Feng Xin has been in a downturn, Zhu Junlong several young or experience is not enough, in this case, MiaoShouShou just focus on the rivers of Europe,This young foreign aid is an excellent wingman, can provide a great help to guangzhou!Both sides hit it off, even the contract is signed, but time is the biggest obstacle, doc rivers cannot arrive at zhejiang dwellings, fastest rivers also wants to get to the team at the end of march, when the playoffs has been in full swing, rivers, suddenly will only disrupt the rhythm of the team, the two sides can terminate the contract, only to lose the super foreign aid,Many fans empty joy, said the heart is cool!