Wu Xuanyi 27 years old birthday photo, red skirt with bow, cute and cute

2022-05-01 0 By

January 26 is Wu xuanyi’s birthday, so if you check her social media platforms on this day, you will find many well-wishers, and from the comments of these people, it is easy to see how much they love Wu.In fact, I know Wu Xuanyi because she played in the live-action version of “Douluo Mainland” in the small dance, REMEMBER that there were a lot of people said that she was not suitable for the role of small dance.As for not suitable for reason is various, from the appearance to the acting almost were poking fun at a time, but looking at her 27-year-old birthday photo, feel the girl is a lovely little genius, short red velvet dress to wear on her body that is lovely and do not break charm, and let loose wavy hair and one side of the bow hair, make the meaning of the beauty the nifty,The most important thing is that the look shows off her legs, making them long and beautiful.Wu Xuanyi except that a red dress is drying out of the New Year the first one from the photo, she did not deliberately to dress in the photo, her hair and clothes are just sweater coat dress up, but we still can’t ignore the photograph of the youthful vitality, because more than 20 years old age is the most beautiful life, even if not deliberately to dress up oneself also can meimei dalai,But she was reminded of her signature action by the net friends.Maybe it’s because Wu xuanyi often compets in her selfies, so some netizens leave messages asking her to change her movements. Maybe she wants to see her idol photos with different movements?No matter what, 27-year-old Wu xuanyi is still very beautiful, not much different from when she started her career, still as good-looking and cute.It is worth mentioning her 27-year-old birthday are not all good, because hot search on a 27-year-old state, also cause the heated discussion of netizens, because in some net friend’s opinion, state the words appear in only 27 Wu Xuanyi doesn’t fit, so when you see a hot search, some difficult to understand, not seven old eighty again,Why are you in such a state?Is it too early to talk about this?In fact, in the opinion of the little genius, no matter how old a person is, it does not prevent him from talking about his state, but it depends on how he uses it, because the same sentence, used in different places, it will bring different effects, so it is not the inappropriate word, but the inappropriate time and place.So do you think Wu Xuanyi looks good in her red dress?