The Yellow River Valley in Shaanxi province is booming

2022-05-01 0 By

During the Spring Festival in 2022 with the flying snow, also with the Beijing Olympics grand opening of the festival, the Yellow River basin in shaanxi province this land which has the profound historical culture, under the snow mountains and lights reflect dress up, more show strong festival atmosphere, presented with a thriving, happy ying ying, happy festival atmosphere.People have come to the bank of the Yellow River, enjoy beautiful scenery, taste delicious food, buy special products, prosperous New Year.Take a stroll in yulin Old Street, live in the lively street scene of the old street, traditional cries one after another, sugar gourd, lanterns, antiques, stone carvings, paper-cuts…The thick Flavor of the New Year is overflowing, making people feel as if they are in the New Year paintings.During the Spring Festival, Yulin City red Stone gorge scenic area, town beitai Great Wall scenic area, sand gecko fitness center for free, wave Valley scenic area for half price.At the same time, opera Spring Festival Gala, Yangko dance, yuanxiao, ice skating competition guessing lantern riddles, flower art tea show and other colorful recreational activities, through novel shapes, rich content, to create a “happy and warm” festival atmosphere.During the Spring Festival, Yan ‘an city grand held the 39th “Yan ‘an New Year” series of activities opera performance, “paper-cut aunt waist Drum Han”, “Tang Feng Ancient rhyme” and other songs and dances sang out the yan ‘an people’s new life, dance the spirit of the new era;Yan ‘an Red Street makes full use of the favorable terrain to build the largest ice and snow amusement world with a total area of over 1500 square meters in northern Shaanxi.More than 20 ice and snow play projects have been set up for citizens and tourists to experience and share the passion of ice and snow sports.Weinan online combining ways to launch “opera concert, the Yellow River bank holidays, Spring Festival couplets big delivery, literary works show, CCTV special cuisine, fine play exhibition, disease resistance, etc.this, online learning classroom, travelers cloud happy New Year, rural gala celebration and guess riddles make yuanxiao” twelve big attraction more than 50 cultural huimin activities,Let the masses spent a happy and peaceful, full of taste of the Year of the Tiger Spring Festival, cultural tourism market is stable and rising, among which Heyang County received 45,700 tourists, the comprehensive income of 34.29 million yuan;Tongguan receives 92,000 tourists, with a comprehensive tourism income of 73.2 million yuan, up 9% year on year.Korean city each big scenic spot orchestrated a series of colorful tour activities, improve the engagement and well-being of the tourists, the tourists in the ancient city of old street features gourmet taste, along the yellow road feel the verve of the Yellow River, sima qian feel character, culture shrine at party experience, rui in liang village folk culture village road mysterious ancient ruins museum,Experience the charm of snow and ice at Jingong Mountain ski resort.It is understood that in 2022 the Spring Festival is the yulin and yanan, weinan, Seoul city sponsored by shaanxi cultural tourism alliance together after the first Spring Festival, hand in hand in nearly a year after four city plastic shanxi Yellow River culture tourism brand, further improve the Yellow River basin in shaanxi province cultural tourism charm, on the journey along the yellow man market innovative marketing methods have achieved good results.(Secretariat of Shaanxi Yellow River Cultural Tourism Alliance)