Taiwan reported 12 local and 40 overseas cases of unknown source of infection in New Zealand today

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Source: Taiwan network “pandemic command center” in Taiwan today announced new 12 cases (13), local case of kaohsiung sand a game 7, jia lian yi electric electronics factory to add 3 people, the new north new one unknown source of infection cases, another 1 case is outside the home (for the outside move) in 19592 male wife confirmed.In Kaohsiung, the epidemic spread from family clustering to the workplace of the gravel farm. The index case’s cousin’s girlfriend (19434) and her mother (19435) were working in the gravel farm. The situation in the gravel farm expanded and affected other counties and cities.Chuang Ren-hsiang, spokesman of the “Command Center”, said that the unidentified case in New Zealand developed symptoms of sore throat on February 12. According to the epidemiological survey, the case went to Kaohsiung for the Spring Festival from January 30 to February 5 and returned to Taipei after February 5. The infection situation needs to be further clarified.”Command Center” also announced today the results of gene sequencing of xizhi hand drinks clerk, the sequence of case 19492 is related to the previous case of housing zhong in Shuangbei district.”Command center” Luo Yijun medical strain group deputy team leader, hand drink s gene sequencing and secondary case, in the grand hotel and little kindergarten related chain of transmission is the same, does not belong to previous peach machine infection or kaohsiung port, adjustable, found that although the disease is the incubation period of 14 days in southern kaohsiung tour history, but gene sequence is confirmed, is before the double north extension of transmission chain.Luo Yijun further noted that housing secondary case previously released tracks have had to “fuyoudijyun, range also includes the nangang, east and other places, and hand drink will meet the guests to many different places, the current related disease is still ongoing, but through the sequence to let everyone know that hand drink before the clerk is an extension of the chain of transmission, double north and taoyuan, kaohsiung.Taiwan has reported less than 15 local cases for two days in a row. As the “command Center” recently mentioned that there is no exponential outbreak in Taiwan, the media asked whether it can be said that the epidemic is slowly subsiding.Zhuang Renxiang, spokesman of the “Command Center”, said that there is no such thing as an exponential outbreak. In fact, if there are many points, there may be a small family gathering.He also called on the public to develop symptoms immediately go to the hospital, can be immediately tested, can be immediately controlled, some times to see a relatively large impact, may be the factory, the company is exposed to more, may be exponential growth, really should pay attention to.In addition, the Command Center will announce at a press conference this afternoon that 40 new cases have been reported overseas, including 15 confirmed cases on the ground and 25 at home.There were 18 males and 22 females between the ages of less than 10 and more than 60 who entered Taiwan between January 12 and February 12 this year. A maximum of nine returned from the United States.In addition, there were 5 flights entering China today, and 8 people were found to be positive, with a positive rate of 1.45%.According to the “Command Center” statistics, so far 19,567 cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed in Taiwan, including 4194 cases of overseas migration, 15,319 local cases, 36 cases of “Dunmu Fleet”, 3 cases of aircraft infection, 1 unknown case and 14 cases under investigation.A total of 851 deaths have been reported since 2020.