People’s satisfaction with basic public education leads Jiangsu. What is Taizhou doing right?

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“Let Taizhou education become a happiness project benefiting millions of families, let Taizhou education become an important driving force to promote common prosperity, let Taizhou education become a characteristic advantage to promote high-quality development, and truly transform the ‘golden signboard’ of Taizhou education into ‘development trump card’.”Zhu Lifan, secretary of taizhou Municipal Party Committee, made a statement on the promotion conference of “Making education satisfactory to the people” recently, demonstrating the city’s determination to take education as the number one project.The construction of a talent-strong province in the new era not only urgently needs scientific and technological innovation talents, but also needs the “full flowering” of talents in education, health and other fields.How to attract and retain outstanding educational talents?Taizhou has introduced leading talents, talents in short supply and outstanding graduates with the principle of “one case, one discussion” and “one person, one policy”. It has set up 800 turnover pools to solve the problem of teacher recruitment and set up “Spring Silkworm Award” for teachers systematically. The winners enjoy all the corresponding honors and treatment of “Steed Award”.Under the clear guidance of giving priority to high-quality development of education, people’s satisfaction with basic public education in Taizhou has ranked first in the whole province in the past year.Zhou Yifei, 25, a tsinghua University graduate, received an offer from Taizhou Middle School in Jiangsu province last June.Although he majored in architecture in college, he was employed as a mathematics teacher with an annual salary of about 500,000 yuan due to his experience of winning a gold medal in the National Mathematical Olympiad in high school.”To ensure education to the satisfaction of the people, we cannot do without a contingent of high-level education professionals.”Ju Linhong, deputy director of organization Department of Taizhou Municipal Party Committee and Director of Talent Office of Taizhou Municipal Party Committee, introduced that since last year, Taizhou Municipal Party Committee and Government issued 18 opinions on Accelerating the priority and quality development of Education in the whole city, including 10 concerning educational talents.Issued taizhou “Fengcheng Talent Plan” Educational Talent Introduction and Cultivation Management Implementation Measures, launched a series of heavy policies on the introduction and cultivation of educational talents, assessment and incentive.”Wangjun” noted that according to the introduction and cultivation of educational talents management measures issued last year, Taizhou has launched a series of policies on the introduction and cultivation of educational talents, assessment and incentive, many of which are full of gold and powerful measures.For example, housing vouchers will be given to educational talents from outside the city.Leading talents will be awarded 600,000-1 million yuan, 400,000 yuan, 300,000 Yuan and 200,000 yuan respectively according to different levels;Talents in short supply will be provided with 100,000-600,000 yuan per person;Each master student will receive 140,000 yuan, and each doctoral student 200,000 yuan.For the introduced leading talents, talents in short supply and outstanding graduates, “one case one discussion” and “one person one policy” can be adopted to determine the agreed annual salary system, and the agreed annual salary is 300,000 to 500,000 yuan.”The new policy is very attractive to high-level talents. In less than half a year, we have recruited nine excellent talents on the annual salary system, which was almost impossible in the past.”Jiangyan middle School teaching director Xu Yongxin said, the new introduction of teachers covering mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and informatics 5 subjects, mainly engaged in discipline competition counseling and innovative talent training, so that excellent talent to cultivate more excellent talent.Since Last September, Taizhou has recruited more than 20 graduates from Tsinghua, Fudan, Nanjing University, Zhejiang University and University of Science and Technology of China.In addition to attracting talents with “real money and silver”, Taizhou also opens up “special channels” for outstanding talents, and sets up special posts for talents, which is not limited by the total number of posts and structure proportion.”Under the fierce regional competition, high quality education is the competitiveness of a city tomorrow, especially for some cities in central jiangsu and northern Jiangsu, to comprehensively improve the attractiveness of educational talents, we have to ‘do something when it should be done’.Jiangsu Academy of Social Sciences social policy institute associate researcher He Yu said.In addition to solving the problem of lack of high-level education talents, the structural shortage of teachers and the aging of the age structure also need to be solved.In the interview, many units of choose and employ persons happen to coincide with the reporter about the same trouble.”We have 84 teachers over the age of 55, and last year we had two math teachers aged 60 who were still on the front line of senior three.At the same time, there is a shortage of teachers in physics, geography, biology and competitions, as well as in sound, physical beauty, information technology and mental health.”Taizhou middle school party secretary, principal feng leave just laments, do not solve the problem of staffing, over time the team will be trapped in fossilization.That is changing.At the end of last year, Taizhou issued the Implementation Measures of the teacher Staffing “Turnover Pool” System, which unified management and overall deployment of the city’s education system, so that schools in urgent need of admission can effectively use the staffing.A person in charge of the personnel department of taizhou Education Bureau said that nearly one-third of the first 800 fully funded institutions have been used, effectively solving the “long-standing problem” of the structural lack of teachers in the city.”It takes at least two to three years for a young teacher to grow up, and the ‘turnover pool’ allows us to prepare the talent pool in advance.”Feng liucai said the university has received approval for 26 departments, of which six will be used for high-level talent recruitment, while the remaining 20 will go to normal universities to recruit outstanding graduates based on the actual needs of their disciplines.”Schools have the best say in how talent is used.”Wan Yongliang, secretary of taizhou Municipal Education Committee and director of Taizhou Education Bureau, said that after the transfer of the right to use talents and the right to take examinations, the university will be able to conduct written interviews and sign contracts with outstanding graduates from “double first-class” universities and normal colleges.Last year, jingjiang, Taixing, Xinghua and Jiangyan organized four-star high schools to go to the University of Science and Technology of China, Nanjing Normal University, Jiangsu University and other universities to recruit more than 50 graduates from the “double First-class” universities.We should attract talents with “real money”, and more importantly, recruit and cultivate talents, and retain talents with sincerity and sincerity.”Special treatment should be given to professional promotion, career development and life treatment.”Zhu Lifan, secretary of taizhou Municipal Party Committee, clearly proposed “three special privileges” at the promotion conference of “Making education satisfactory to the People” held at the first meeting of Taizhou New Year, to make teachers feel at ease in teaching and be enthusiastic about teaching.In terms of professional improvement, we continue to establish “Taizhou Class” for in-service education master with key universities, providing exclusive channels for excellent teachers to improve their academic qualifications. At present, we have trained more than 100 postgraduate students through “Taizhou Class” of China Southern Airlines, and reimburse tuition fees after graduation.We will deepen the project to train outstanding teachers, strengthen the construction of studios for famous teachers, improve the three-level training mechanism for key teachers, and promote the building of teams of teachers who are good at teaching, learning, and learning. We will train leading talents, talents in short supply, and outstanding graduates with goal-oriented training, dynamic management, and appraisal incentives.Last year, taizhou was awarded 19 senior teachers and 19 provincial special teachers.In the career development, for the growth of young education talents continue to build a platform.Zhou Wenbin, 40, moved from Taizhou Experimental School to Phoenix Primary school late last year to become a “trainee principal.””After half a year of experience, I really have a harvest.”Zhou Wenbin, who is serving as trainee vice principal in Zhoushanhe Primary School of Phoenix Primary Education Group, said that in the post of “trainee principal”, he can not only learn the methods of management procedure, but also strengthen communication with front-line teaching workers, and gain rapid growth in the process of broadening his vision.”The establishment of the ‘trainee principal system’ is to find good young students in advance, put them on the frontline ‘dundunmiao’, let the feelings, management, understanding of education talent to enrich the team of principals.”Dong Jian, deputy secretary of the Education Working Committee of Taizhou Municipal Party Committee, said that considering the limited growth channels for young teachers, they will coordinate 20 senior teacher post plans every year, especially for outstanding young and middle-aged teachers who meet the exceptional conditions to apply for senior titles.Xinhua Daily · intersection point reporter Lin Yuanqin statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: