Five members of a family confirmed to be in emergency lockdown

2022-05-01 0 By

The epidemic in China today is positive, worrying, unexpected and unexpected…The epidemic situation in Baise, Guangxi, continues to improve, with a new case reported in a single day.The epidemic in northeastern Liaoning province is still very worrying. The latest report shows that 29 new cases have been reported, including 28 in Huludao city and 1 in Shenyang…Emergency, manzhouli, Inner Mongolia.Just now, this border town from the northeast, suddenly announced a series of emergency measures: first, the city closed all commercial outlets, residents’ daily necessities and other unified distribution.Second, the community closure system will be implemented, and no one will be allowed to leave except those who work to protect people’s livelihood and prevent and control the epidemic.Third, close flights to domestic airports, stop trains…Fourth, the city’s traffic roads and urban entrances and exits to implement strict traffic control, no access to Manzhouli City…You see, businesses are closed, communities are closed, flights and trains are stopped, highways are closed.Yes, manchuria did not say the city was closed, in fact, the whole city was closed.Why is that?Of course, it was an epidemic, and 5 people in 1 family were diagnosed.According to the report, on February 15, Manzhouli city in the “should be fully inspected” personnel testing, active screening out 2 positive cases.After that, 3 positive cases were screened out according to the flow information.After the expert group consultation, all confirmed cases (mild).The sudden outbreak of 5 cases, it should be said that they are all accidental cases, there may be a lot of close contact, the following epidemic may also be a tough battle.Fortunately, in the past one to two years, Manchuria has experienced several small-scale epidemics, and I believe this one will soon be out of danger.In Beijing, we have some surprising news, but heartwarming news.The risk area in Beijing has been reduced by another 60 percent.According to The State Council’s mini-program, Building 4, Anzhenli District 3, Anzhen Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing, and Huangtugang Village, Yuquanying Street, Fengtai District, have been downgraded from medium-risk areas to low-risk areas.Up to 0 on February 15, Beijing in the risk area, only one: Fengtai District Yuquanying street Wanliyuan community.Congratulations, this round of epidemic in Beijing has basically come to an end.However, as the epidemic keeps cropping up in China, we must be careful to protect ourselves.