Electronic firecrackers welcome the New Year green Spring Festival dead taste

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Rednet moment Changsha On January 31 (apprentice reporter Kong Qingli) firecrackers sound old year, auspicious snow floating welcome New Year.The Spring Festival is the most solemn festival for Chinese people all the year round, carrying hopes and expectations. Every Spring Festival, every family pastes red couplets and the word “fu”. In addition, it is also essential to set off firecrackers and ring in the New Year with the crackling sound of firecrackers.All over the sky snow, accompanied by changsha has come New Year’s eve, when the family reunion, in order to let the general public through a peaceful Spring Festival, by tianxin of changsha urban management comprehensive law enforcement of the law enforcement officials to still stick to the post, on 31 January morning, they also sent for the merchants within the jurisdiction of different “firecrackers”.The pedestrian squadron is on patrol.”I wish you a prosperous New Year!”Tianxin district city management brigade pedestrian street squadron captain Tan Jian led the team to the pedestrian street, to the Spring Festival “not closed” merchants sent electronic firecrackers and New Year’s greetings, encourage everyone to use electronic firecrackers, low-carbon environmental protection over the New Year.The merchants who received the blessing were heartened by tiexin chengguan’s warm gesture, saying that using electronic firecrackers is not only environmentally friendly but also safe. In recent years, they have also insisted on not setting off fireworks to contribute to the protection of the urban environment.At the same time, the city management team members also carried out the corresponding safety inspection of the store, and told the store to do a good job of daily elimination work.Sending electronic firecrackers to merchants.Tianxin district city management law enforcement brigade pedestrian street squadron also reminded the Spring Festival out of the citizens, have fun at the same time also should pay attention to take care of wallets, mobile phones and other personal items;Old people travel must carry medicine, in case of emergency;Parents can prepare a mother’s bracelet when they take their children out, so that the children are not easy to get lost.I wish you not only a happy year, but also a year of peace of mind!