Dandong Tax Bureau: the first tax bureau implements the spirit of “four essence” to solve problems for enterprises

2022-05-01 0 By

In order to implement the main spirit of the fiscal and tax support policies of the provincial Party Committee and the provincial government on the reform of financial institutions, the “accurate law enforcement, fine service, accurate supervision and sincere joint governance” of the State Administration of Taxation are fully implemented, and the tax-related problems encountered by taxpayers in the reform are effectively solved.Under the leadership of the sub-bureau, relevant departments such as legal unit and tax Source Management Unit of the First Taxation Sub-bureau went to the site of key financial reform enterprises in Liaoning to understand the problems encountered by enterprises in the process of local financial reform, answer their doubts and listen to their appeals.Organized special meetings for the “financial reform” related issues raised by enterprises, the legal unit to analyze the reform of financial institutions policy documents, by the tax source management unit to find out other relevant financial institutions under the jurisdiction of the branch, collect questions, unified solutions for enterprises.