China’s economic take-off is just around the corner

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Today’s market performance should still be able to impact the possibility of 3500 points or some.Judging by the markets, Russia’s withdrawal should be real.Now the United States is desperate, because it is now in the most critical phase of exporting the crisis abroad.Now rely on media public opinion to confuse the world, Russia withdrawal, look at the oil price know…Who is more sensitive than capital?Is NATO willing to fight on its doorstep?Is Russia willing to fight?Is Ukraine willing to fight?With oil prices stable, America is less likely to export inflation.If the video is helpful to you, please click the “like” icon for a while. Your effort is the biggest motivation for my creation. Thank you!The stocks mentioned in the video do not constitute investment advice at your own risk.Yesterday’s market, speaking of rare earth and cable, basic can also.Rare earth mainly north and Yingluohua, a lot of people have made money.The two leading companies of submarine cable, Zhongtianke and Dongfang, have a good current trend.Note that lithium is also on the rise today.This is a big year for inflation in the US, and even if foreign money comes back, the potential for it to move into commodities is great.Rare earths still have a logical chance.Infrastructure companies, now there is no big logical problem.China has already started construction projects of 25 trillion yuan. It is only February, and the whole year is likely to be 100 trillion yuan. Therefore, without real estate, infrastructure can fully support the bottom line.Transportation infrastructure, electricity reform will be A big project for the benefit of future generations, do not short China A shares too much, from the history, infrastructure year, is A loose year, loose year, the probability of the stock market plunge is not high.Now that China has made a big infrastructure push, the new money has a big container and is unlikely to flow to consumer goods.If you look at the 12 provinces, they have already announced 25 trillion yuan. Notice the official wording, it is at least 25 trillion yuan. Several big provinces have not announced their annual quotas, but they will be more, not less.In the past, America’s solution to inflation has been domestic;Second, the global shift.China has been screwed before.Now see infrastructure to absorb the new money, in order to have a clear direction of the money, easing is basically no problem.The creativity of Chinese young students will be fully tapped.If a few companies like Huawei emerge, the future will be great.This is much better than giving money directly to the people in the United States, where everyone ends up grabbing commodities and causing inflation.As a demonstration area of co-prosperity, there may be too many bold innovations and attempts here, high, really high.Today it says Ukraine is shooting on its own initiative, just look at the price of crude oil.It’s not a good idea, and Zelensky would know the consequences if he was in his right mind.But this afternoon, the market was more or less affected by this uncertainty, but the volume still did not come out, so the market remains volatile.Now the industry is basically a consensus, the United States still wants to play the inflation shift card.But China is sure to win this round, 25 trillion infrastructure just started, basic logic, infrastructure to absorb inflation.To stimulate employment and the economy, absorb additional issuance of money, all the new money into infrastructure assets, this is absolutely the supreme choice.Guizhou, Guangdong, Jiangxi, Jiangsu, Beijing, Shanghai, Shandong, Zhejiang, Sichuan, Guangxi, Shaanxi and Hebei have released a list of investment plans for key projects in 2022. Each province has an average investment of 2 trillion yuan.If every province in the country published it, the figure would be closer to 100 trillion.Seen this way, the economy is holding up, killing the case for shorting.With that kind of money invested in a year, no one can bet against it.So, even if the United States raises interest rates to manipulate the return of capital, so much infrastructure investment, they will leave?Today trading volume held at $900 billion, the mood is just a little bit.Infrastructure areas mentioned by the top: new infrastructure, transportation, energy, parks and people’s livelihood.It’s directly related to transportation, power infrastructure.Yesterday was a good increase in the transportation sector, this place, from enterprises to provincial enterprises, will benefit.Of course, in the construction of risk resistance ability will be a bit stronger.Today, energy infrastructure is booming.The logic of retrofitting, wind power, and undersea fibre optic cables is fine.Daikin, Zhongtian Technology, Oriental cable performance is relatively strong.Judging from the current orders of these enterprises, they are all great. Recently, Dongfang Electric * made a order of 1.3 billion yuan.These two days rushed fast, back down, there is still the possibility of speculation.Rare earths are also doing ok today, so TODAY I’m going to compare crude oil with rare earths.For more than a decade, the rise of rare earth and oil has been synchronized. China lacks oil, but it controls most of the world’s rare earth. There is no reason for this.In fact, today’s new energy direction, no matter the leading lithium ore ganfeng lithium or Tianqi lithium.The real speculation is the logic of commodity price rises, and now the global lithium battery technology and resources are basically dominated by China.Yesterday I said in the article, Poly United, is the hype thunder, the matter of control, today too low open, basically water off.It’s a little bit of a power wash here, but the switch from traditional detonators to electronic detonators, it’s a very clear policy from the top, and these companies that make electronic detonators.Behind may still hype, just like ETC at that time, repeated hype.A new concept is emerging today.The national soil survey was conducted for the first time in 40 years.China carried out two national soil surveys in 1958 and 1979, and it has been more than 40 years since the last one.China has a high rate of soil overspecification and a large market space for remediation.According to classification, the potential market of cultivated land restoration is 5.9 trillion yuan, and the combined market of site restoration and mine restoration is about 1 trillion yuan.In terms of distribution, soil pollution in the south is more serious than that in the north, and the Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta are more serious problems.From the perspective of industry pattern, enterprises have entered the market rapidly in the past five years, mainly small and medium-sized enterprises.At the same time, in recent years, state-owned enterprises represented by large central enterprises and provincial environmental protection groups have accelerated their entry into the industry.In addition, with the standardization of soil environmental management, local urban construction groups are also accelerating the layout of soil remediation.Therefore, the overall concentration of the industry is low, but at present, only a few enterprises can undertake large and complex restoration projects, and at the same time, they are in a relatively monopoly pattern.At this time, the real park and construction repair, is to benefit from the leading concept stocks.