Baode County warm spring village: thriving over the ancient meeting

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The 14th day of the first lunar month is the annual traditional ancient meeting of Nianquan Village, Yimen Town, Baode County. In order to make this year’s ancient meeting more happy and peaceful, the party branch of Nianquan Village, the village committee in epidemic prevention and control, forest fire prevention and other work at the same time, the cultural life of the masses as a top priority to grasp.With less money, more work, do not spend, also work.Volunteer to do practical things for villagers.Do good things.First of all, both sides of the main road in the center of the village were decorated with colored dozen and hung up red lanterns.Red lanterns become a beautiful scenery in the village.Let the villagers feel the thick flavor of the New Year.After the study and decision of the village committee, the ancient society literature and art organization was established with yuan Weiwei, a member of the village committee and the head of the first group, Yuan Huaizhong, the head of the three groups, and each group leader as members.Rehearsals began on the fourth day of the first lunar month.Invited tianqiao power station Cui Jihong as a coach, villagers representative, village doctor Zhao Shu for the drum corps command, rehearsal for the villagers.Village art lovers are also eager to sign up, actively participate in the play of personal expertise.Carry forward the spirit of not fearing hardship and fatigue.Brought guests a rich cultural dinner.On the 14th day of the first lunar month, nuanquan Village is full of festive atmosphere. Red lanterns, colorful flags and balloons are hung high. The couplets on both sides of the archway are particularly eye-catching.Warm and hospitable villagers in Warm Spring sang and danced in a passionate yangko dance.Yangko twisting, gongs and drums beat up, dressed in festival costumes of the villagers, respectively for the guests performed yangko, fenggong and drums, peng boat, square dance, the old wang Ba sent his daughter and other programs, in addition to the eight-tone team performance, errentai opera performance, wonderful performance, by the guests.Transfer is an indispensable annual program, turn a decade shun, for a time, gongs and drums, suona singing, the ancient will push up the climax.People with a smile on their faces, around the dragon, indicating that people a smooth year, the day over the more prosperous.What a wonderful festival, let people spend a memorable day.Last year since the election, with Comrade Yuan Hongwei as the monitor of the new warm spring village two committee team, the heart to a place to think, the strength to a place to make, with a pragmatic atmosphere, by the majority of villagers praise.One is the villagers’ obligation to haircut, inconvenient action also provide doorto service, the other is the villagers’ obligation to write Spring Festival couplets, as the saying goes, no couplets are not spring, Spring Festival, every family should stick Spring Festival couplets, write Spring Festival couplets are all the old party members and retired cadres in the village.Third, the village committee specially arranged four large squares for car farmers to put their cars.It’s safe and environmentally friendly.Fourth, it helps villagers to adjust their TV sets. The annual Spring Festival Gala is an indispensable cultural feast for people, so TV is particularly important.Five is for 70 years old party members and 80 years old villagers, and poor households to send white flour rice and other items, the masses of no small matter, let the villagers feel the warmth of the Party and the government, reflecting the pragmatic style of the new leadership.By the majority of villagers praise.It is magnificent comrade one shoulder, huai Lin small army closely followed, the group of concentric development, the villagers work together to run well-off.Correspondent: Yuan Baoming