The number of centenarians in Zhenjiang is increasing year by year, and currently there are more than 370

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Spring is still chilly, but the sun has been warm.Yesterday, in the xinyuan health care home located in zhenjiang New District, old people gathered together to celebrate the 100th birthday of seven elderly people in the hospital.The activity began in the warm-up dance of kindergarten children.Singing and dancing performances, questions and answers with prizes, calligraphy performances, singing birthday songs together…The volunteers made the old people burst into laughter and applause with their wonderful programs.Especially in the calligraphy performance, shen Fucheng, a centenarian, walked onto the stage calmly and wrote a powerful Chinese character “Life” without a break, which made all the present people couldn’t help cheering.Gu Jianyuan, president of Zhenjiang Xinyuan Health Nursing Home, introduced that the nursing home currently has more than 300 elderly residents, with an average age of 89.6 years old, including more than 190 people over 90 years old and 7 centenarians.Some of them were national heroes who joined the military in their early years, participated in the expeditionary force and fought in Burma against Japan.Guerrillas who fought in the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression and the War of Liberation;There are model teachers full of students;In order to heal the wounded and save the dying, a lifetime of assideous study, technical excellence of the white soldiers;There are also the general situation, sensible, in the ordinary work of ordinary quietly dedicated ordinary workers.”It is hard to find trees with a thousand years of age in the mountains, and it is hard to find people with a hundred years of age in the world.This celebration of their 100th birthday is to uphold the traditional virtues of respect, love and respect for the elderly, so that they can feel supported, supported and entertained when they are old.”The person in charge of the pension service office of the Civil Affairs Bureau introduced that there are 748,000 people over 60 years old in Zhuhai, accounting for 27.91% of the total population. The degree of aging ranks the second in the province, 4 percentage points higher than the province.In addition, in recent years, the number of centenarians in our city has increased year by year. Currently, there are more than 370 centenarians, some of whom choose home care, and many of whom choose institutional care.(Zhu Qiuxia) Photography wang Cheng Ma Zhen Dan