The heavyweight champion of the world has joined the Ukrainian reserve army to fight Russia to the death, hoping to take on Vladimir Putin

2022-04-30 0 By

Former heavyweight champion Klitschko Jr. has joined the Ukrainian reserve army to defend his homeland, foreign media confirmed recently.As a result of the recent period of time spread Russia to invade Ukraine, the whole country of Ukraine made people on tenterfeet, everything is on tenterfeet, in this situation, small Klitschko resolutely to defend the country, and Russia to fight to the end., 46 years old, small klitschko is former undisputed world heavyweight boxing champion, rule heavyweight for ten years, strong comprehensive strength, and his brother vitali klitschko is also a former heavyweight boxing champion, has been thoroughly in politics, serving as mayor of Kiev for ten years, also have a very high status in the Ukraine, can say the brothers boxing champion was the idol of many boxers.”I joined out of love,” klitschko said. “I love my country, my homeland, my relatives and friends, my daughter inspired me to be where I am today, so I want to protect them and if the negotiations with Russia are not resolved peacefully, I have to take up arms and fight them to the death.”After the news of klitschko joining the Ukrainian reserve force, some foreign boxing fans joked that they would like to see klitschko play against Putin. It will be a good fight.Although Putin is inferior in age, height, weight, but he is also a combat master, has rich actual combat experience, fighting ability is very strong.In addition, Putin usually also practice boxing, and arrange “boxing god” Roy Jones for him to take the target, boxing level.Of course, we still hope that the russia-Ukraine issue can be resolved peacefully. We are from the same root.