Terrible!After “radiation pig” Fukushima and now “nuclear scorpene”, the Japanese government quickly banned the listing

2022-04-30 0 By

Despite opposition from other countries, Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga’s government agreed last year to dump millions of tons of nuclear waste water into the sea, which is expected to take effect next spring, according to asahi Shimbun and other Japanese websites.The move follows a number of incidents, or ‘after-effects,’ at the Fukushima plant, including a drop in water levels inside the no. 1 storage facility last year, suspected signs of a second release of radioactive material, leaks in containers containing radioactive material and broken filter elements.In general, the region has been plagued by scandals since the nuclear accident.Earlier this month, a terrible news spread on foreign social media platforms: fishermen caught a live scorpionfish in waters near Soma City, Fukushima Prefecture, which contains “super huge” nuclear elements, and can even be directly observed with the naked eye abnormal light.The scorpene fish was found to contain abnormal nuclear elements last year and has since been banned from the market.However, some argue that since the ban on scorpene fish was lifted at the end of this year, the fish could still enter the market and cause serious problems if it is contaminated.Earlier this week, the Japanese government suddenly announced that it would again ban the trading of the Scorpene Sebaste from Fukushima Prefecture.After the Japanese media confirmed that the network said fishing out of the “nuclear scorpene” news is true, the capture of the scorpene xu was detected in the body of radioactive cesium, its activity actually reached 1400 becquerels per kilogram.This is more than 14 times the relevant standard in Japan. The news shocked public opinion at home and abroad, and all goods produced in Fukushima fell to varying degrees.What is interesting is that China’S CCTV later interviewed Koji Matsuzaki, a staff member of the Fukushima Marine Science Museum. He first expressed concern about the current situation, saying, “I feel very sorry for fish with radioactive substances exceeding the standard detected off the coast of Fukushima”.Song Qi then went on to talk about the impact of these events on local “business”, saying that it was already very difficult to sell Marine products here, and the nuclear waste news will affect the price of products even more, which makes people very worried.In interviews with other villagers, they were also apparently more worried about exporting their goods because of the “reputational damage” the nuclear waste would bring, and less worried about their health.Last year, there are also reports the fukushima local anybody who suspected polluted by nuclear mutation hunting wild boar, the pigs and pig hybrid carrying nuclear radiation produced pork after deduction, a lot of pork muscle samples were detected radioactive cesium – 137 of the existence of its radiation over more than 300 times the level of safety;Several countries around the world have banned food imports from Fukushima prefecture, but it has been revealed that Japanese manufacturers have smuggled in “skin swapping”, packaging produce and seafood produced elsewhere.