Roll to 8888, give up without hesitation, owner: don’t want to get in trouble

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In the past, the rich competed with each other on the price of cars. The owner of the car would have more face if the price of the car was more expensive and the category was more scarce.Now license plates are gradually replacing the status of cars, a multimillion-dollar luxury car, less than a leopard license plate face.The owner can shake what license plate all depends on luck, some owners luck is particularly good, in the selection machine in a random shake, can shake several pieces of good license plate newspaper.Mr. Liu, a car owner in Shandong province, was particularly lucky. When he shook his license plate at the DMV, he randomly shook out a 8888 license plate.Liu immediately snapped a picture of the 8888 plate and posted it to a group of motorists asking if they should keep it.Most urged owners to leave the plates, which are the most prized of leopard plates and have a market value of more than $1 million.Mr. Liu hesitated for a while to give up this license plate, he thinks 8888 license plate is more suitable for luxury cars, he bought only a hundred thousand Toyota Corolla, can not hang such a good license plate.In addition to 8888, Liu also won the license plate 1111, which he thought was more low-key, so he chose it.Although 1111 is also a leopard license plate, but the meaning and value is far less than 8888, many netizens say That Mr. Liu is too stupid, clearly chose the leopard license plate in the most expensive one, but he did not choose.Liu said he had read reports on the Internet that some drivers with broken bread and license plates 88888 were often checked by traffic police.Mr. Liu’s car, though more expensive than a van, does not deserve such a good license plate.Mr Liu worries that after he hangs 8888 license plate, he often encounters traffic police to check the car, delays his daily life to work, still can draw unnecessary trouble.Liu said he has no pride or vanity, and leopard plates look the same to him as ordinary ones, so he doesn’t care if the plate is 8888.Liu settled on 1111, which he thought would be easier for him.Some netizens understand this, owners choose what license plate is their own freedom, 1111 is also a good meaning, easy to remember the leopard license plate, a symbol of the pursuit of the first.A woman driving a Honda Odyssey in Jiangsu province has shaken her license plate 88888.Car owner will 88888 license plate to hang in Honda car often encounter traffic police to check car, passers-by also talk to this license plate in succession, everyone thinks what car owner hangs is to cover card.Although the license plate to the female driver brought face, but also accompanied by a lot of trouble, the final female driver very regret.License plate is just a legitimate vehicle on the road proof, some owners are particularly lucky, there are many good meaning and easy to remember the license plate.Some car owners are unlucky, choose a few times to choose the license plate are plain, difficult to remember.No matter what license plate you choose, you should relax. The license plate is just the ID card of the car, without other connotations.Now a lot of car owners have learned to be smart, would rather choose a low-key miscellaneous license plate, also do not want to hang a high-profile leopard license plate.Leopard plate is just to look face, the owner of a leopard plate violation will have to pay a fine, ordinary people wearing a leopard plate has no meaning.The picture in this article comes from the network, if there is infringement, please contact to delete