Original god: a four-star character worthy of cultivation, a recommended guide for new players

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A: hi!Hello everyone, I am half side.Preface:As a just shortly into the pit of the god of new players, always thinks he is the emperor, tuen had some rough stone and couldn’t help but smoke card, resist the rain didn’t keep back the smoke from the clock, can’t, a lot of friends have suggested smoke out, after all, made of steel auxiliary water C, until that card just detection oneself face too dark, for the first time is crooked to shine, as the clock from the out,I found the autumn full life, friends and I said autumn is the water god is very good, and who has examined the found some four-star role really brilliant, so want to attract the author some bosses, if have said wrong place still please bosses, points out that, after all, I just love the original female characters in god (similar to carving fine, ShenHe these).6 star True God Bennett: Although Bennett himself did not draw, but through the number of friends to experience a few times, has been known to read as a four star, writing six star character, Bennett’s own damage is not high, but the support ability is excellent.Damage regeneration, full life can also provide fire attribute magic, he is a set to break shield (ice), damage, regeneration as one of the role.Can also and other fire element character of double fire team, increase injury eat role base damage so role to full and weapons to choose high grade panel of weapons, weapon high panel can be greater than or equal to 200, is the premise of the five-star wind eagle sword is good match, holy relic preferred imperial clan covered 4 times, now I can only slowly waiting for next time after time.Water God walking in autumn:As my current role and the role of the first full life running out, use is very well, the first time I saw autumn I thought it was a girl, then I know that autumn is the second young master of the glass month port feiyun chamber of commerce, I have known as the studious, treats people polite, can only say that gentle, has a good background in the game to hang water ability, high from its own injury mechanism,In the team with different elements of the role has reached the best output effect, MY feeling line autumn is a tool, keep hanging water on the right, weapon first choice sacrifice sword, many people on the Internet to recommend saint relics wear clan and sink, my friend recommended me with insulation, feel pretty good.Gather strange small expert sugar:No leaf sugar is a good choice, sugar can decrease resistance, blame, have nothing to hurt before, I will do the autumn hang water cut back to the sugar, is easy to blame, the sugar that as long as cooperate with good damage may be tons, I wore the sugar is emerald green shadow set at present, general with two life is ok, enough resource bosses are full, that we are not,The relic of the cult is preferred for weapons.Xiang Ling, the Civilian God of War:As given four characters in the game, is also a lot of players use the role of the transition period, and another of the teacher, is a very mysterious ping grandma on glass, pet is crispy rice cooker fiend, but position was robbed, “said rice crust is alzheimer fiend, crispy rice flame direction, but as long as the spray hearth, you turn your back on can give you a spray, version, no doubtOut of hand skills in the game is very pleasing, weapons recommended razor grass of rice light, holy relic 4 insulation, 4 witch is also good, is too difficult to get satisfaction, I often brush witch set, just a miracle.Girl Diona with cat ears and cat tail:Didn’t draw the clock from dior na, will also be a good choice, treatment with a shield that has ice attribute of god’s eyes dior, can provide the output of the good environment for team and under the condition of life, it can effectively improve element response within a team and as long as dior’s big hit the enemy, even if the enemy out of the big range,It also reduces damage by 10% for 15 seconds.The weapons recommended are the sacrificial bow, the holy relic maiden 4 sets or the imperial clan 4 sets.Conclusion:Four characters and some are good, weapons holy relic match is a luxury, but we in the civilian players also want to be able to full of life, some roles can be zero, but some of the best role full life, now my master C is noelle, is said to have full life noelle called YanJi, horrible damage, see all his characters, long give a sigh,Also need to continue to brush the material and draw the role, if the big guys have a better recommendation welcome to comment section comment discussion.I also attach the role, hope the big guys give directions.I am a half side, ask for praise, ask for attention, ask for forwarding, thank you big guys watch, wish everyone thick hair.May you live long, my friend.