In a rainy game, Leeds scored two goals in a minute to beat Manchester United and Manchester united narrowly escaped victory

2022-04-30 0 By

Clash with Manchester united the premier 26 rounds, Leeds, white rose behind 2-0 in the first half of unfavorable situation, the second half scored 2 in 1 minutes, tenacious equalised, once the united into disrepute, however, experience more sophisticated Manchester united or resisted pressure, even under the two cities again, eventually 4-2 win a key for four campaign.It was a very open game, with rain falling and it was hard to stop, but even in these conditions Leeds kept the pace of the game fast and were not uncommon to see people on their backs.But Leeds were too aggressive, too aggressive and left a lot of space behind them, but that’s the nature of Leeds, it’s always about me beating you or you beating me, just.Leeds united’s Koch even in the first half of the fight head broken and bleeding, had to rest, it shows how hot the scene of the game, which is where the ball, is clearly playing with life ah, originally the rain war consumption is big, but Leeds is completely fighting life style of play.It would take courage and intelligence to take advantage of such a team, and the United manager said he would try to stop Leeds from attacking quickly, but it was difficult to do so.The difference was that United were much better at handling the ball in the middle of the game, where they are valued, and maguire’s header was the icing on the cake for them.It looks like Leeds are going to be beaten again, a situation we have seen many times before. Under the attack, Leeds do not take advantage of it, and when they fall behind, the whole formation will be further disjointed, and they will even be caught and counter-attacked successfully, losing more goals.But we may all think wrong, Leeds under the plight, showed us the courage to never retreat, in the second half, Leeds first a magic ball, through De Gea’s ten points, followed by the goal of the flanking position, less than a minute, two cities, the pressure completely dumped on Manchester United.Manchester United were a little nervous about Leeds’ relentless style of play, but the good news was that Leeds’ physical strength was not unlimited. After 60 minutes of such a heavy rain game, Leeds began to lose their physical strength.At this point, United manager Rangnick seized the opportunity, just in time to replace Fred, who is familiar with United should know, is also a good player, it was Fred’s clever forward to help United to rewrite the score.Leeds though hard pursued since then, but alternative energy dried up, while Manchester united youngster elam and seize the opportunity, scored 1, dpa, Manchester united win narrowly missed, while consumption is huge, but believe that after this battle, the whole team will improve a lot of flesh, which is beneficial to the further outbreaks in hard for four battle,But take note of a weak defence, united have conceded too many goals this season.​