Huangzhuang street red flag community new era civilization practice party group to weave a knot to build righteousness to cut volunteer activities

2022-04-30 0 By

Hongqi Community Party Committee and Bengbu Beauty And Beauty Association Party Branch further deepen the integration and construction measures of party branches, and promote the in-depth development of party organization pair construction.Recently, have carried out a number of scissors activities, for the area of the elderly mobility inconvenience to provide doorto haircut services, and sent them to print static code, told them to pay attention to the cold weather warm and fire safety.Next, the red flag community and bengbu hairdressing industry association will continue to actively carry out all kinds of party construction activities, immersive made solid progress party history education go deep go real learning, constantly improve the volunteer service projects and service level, strive to achieve “to build and promote party building, to build the cooperation, to build and promote development” of the party construction to build target.(MinLi)