Gemini broke the news: AG has two sets of nakano combination, Lin in wolves, not Hunan TES to drop B

2022-04-30 0 By

The KPL spring rosters announced by the major teams attracted a lot of commentary to analyze the wide range of their analysis, usually analyzing the four points: 1.2. Whether the team is strengthened or weakened; 3. The list of the “starting five” in the spring game; 4.The team’s final result in the first round of the spring regular season.Although Gemini, the coach of KPL four titles, has retired now, but his live broadcast is not low in popularity, because his “poison milk” nature of commentary style attracted many KPL fans to stay, now there are many “operational anchors”, Gemini live playing games is not high in popularity.So Gemini will choose to expose the “KPL transfer gourd” and analyze the “KPL roster” to attract viewers!Chengdu AG super game although in this transfer period did not introduce personnel, but it has rectified the coaching staff, and the gold partner of Yino Ai si came back, so many commentators believe that Chengdu AG super game this spring has the strength to impact group S.Gemini’s analysis of the Chengdu AG supergame roster suggests that they have two central field combinations available for the spring season: 1.Chuchen + Jiucheng combination;2. Tom-tom-tom-tom-joke twins!Lim KPL division is one of the few can and SK compete coach, because he was in the 2021 world champion cup violate the rules, so he has not returned to KPL division, recently chongqing wolves announced their squad, spring in this squad, chongqing wolves coaching staff is still only the “Li Luo and white”,Gemini told us in the studio that although Lin didn’t make the roster, he was always with the Chongqing Wolves (Li Lo and Bai are on Lin’s coaching staff).Analysis: Personally, Gemini is right, because every time Coach Lin sends a micro blog, the official of Chongqing Wolves is the first one to comment on it. It shows that Coach Lin has not left Chongqing Wolves.Hunan army although not KPL division one of the “wild king”, but he is very important to Changsha TES.A, because he is KPL division one of the few “double repair” (wild nuclear and blue collar wild) play wild, without hunan plus Su Mo will be weak A grade, and he is changsha TES.A main command, the importance of the team is self-evident,Therefore, Gemini believes that “Changsha TES.A new lineup in the first round of the effect, the probability of diving group B”.What do you think about that?