Fan Zhendong wants to stay alone, do not want to cook the circle of stars, known as the world sober fans

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Recently, Fan zhendong released an announcement through his fan club, in which he reiterated his intention not to become a celebrity.He just wants to be an ordinary person and fan zhendong doesn’t want to be bothered by his fans.Fan zhendong does not want his fans to use his banner to lead the public opinion war.Fan zhendong is well aware that his fans are protecting his idol’s interests from a personal point of view.Most of the time, it will not help, because the contestants always have their own shortcomings, sometimes the fans desperately try to prove, but will expose their idol’s shortcomings more and more.Fan zhendong also wants to protect his position and reputation as the head coach, because his performance is closely related to the head coach.Fan zhendong does not want his coach and teammates to be attacked because of his fans.In fact, the final reason lies in the current fan Zhendong position is not solid, can not achieve the results of Ma Long.In fact, there is no comparison between Malone and Fan Zhendong. They are players of different times.But no first, no second;A comparison must be made in the minds of the fans.So it was inevitable that Fan and his teammates were innocent.In fact, it’s all about fans arguing with each other, teammates competing with each other, and it can be a virtuous circle.But the fans of their idols all think their idols are the best, so it is difficult to judge other table tennis players from a rational point of view.I have to say that Fan Zhendong, as the world’s no. 1 player, has repeatedly issued a notice to fans not to lead the fight, indicating that the current public opinion environment of table tennis is indeed approaching the so-called entertainment circle culture.But some fans don’t understand why only Fan Zhendong came out to boycott the culture of the rice circle.Why didn’t the other team members say anything?In fact, this is a good thing, should get the support of other countries teammates, but we did not see that.On the contrary, many table tennis players took advantage of their leisure time during the holidays to interact with their fans.Table tennis players with families are constantly Posting their babies to create a warm father image.Some table tennis players, despite the fact that they are overweight, constantly post their so-called beautiful photos to win the attention of fans.It is obvious that they go is the entertainment circle that a set of publicity mode, even many table tennis masters are also fully use of various forms of publicity, is known as the fans are everywhere he, has been brushing the sense of existence.And now these fans fans, also give these table tennis coaches, players have some elegant names, such as some sauce, some fat, some dream, a listen to this is propaganda.In fact, this kind of deliberate propaganda good?Maybe this is the main reason why other coaches don’t contradict fan’s culture at the same time. It’s really difficult for Fan to stay out of the mud.Because this itself is a big dye VAT, in the face of the temptation of fame and wealth, want to be able to get rid of it is too difficult.Some coaches and players even become Internet celebrities. Although this can gain certain popularity, their energy should still be focused on the competition, because competitive sports are not entertainment.Fan zhendong’s coach, Wang Hao, is famous for his time as a player.But since making the transition to coaching, he’s been laying low.Although Wang was also liu guoliang’s priority, he did not show off like other coaches of his time, which set a good example for Fan.This shows that Wang Hao’s main energy is put on the cultivation of Fan Zhendong body, do not want to rely on disciples to become famous.Now Fan Zhendong is openly resisting the influence of the entertainment culture, which is actually a very positive thing.Fan Zhendong saw more clearly and was called a sober man in the world by fans.Being able to avoid arrogance and impetuousness in the case of certain achievements, he should also have learned from the experience of coach Wang Hao when he was a player.Can withstand the temptation of the players, it is indeed commendable.But now Fan zhendong is in the middle of the game, and the possibility of being alone is too small.This is not up to Fan Zhendong, because this is a networked era, the impact of the environment inevitably intrudes on the current sports circle.If you want to achieve self-clarity and self-turbidity, you need to have strong self-control.At present, Fan Zhendong has too many ideas. It is difficult to reject this kind of culture.Because even if you ostracize your teammates and they do the opposite, it doesn’t change the overall environmental impact.At least the current country ping also want to strengthen their visibility, does not reject this trend of entertainment.Because Liu Guoliang wants to create an international superstar of table tennis, a real international superstar must be supported by a strong fan circle.Popularity is universal. How to deal with the trouble caused by fans’ attention is also what Fan Zhendong needs to do well.Some things are not their own completely determined, want to clean up unless they are not the main player.Therefore, Fan zhendong still needs to rationally view the culture of the entertainment circle. In the case that other coaches and teammates do not reject fan zhendong’s behavior, it is estimated that others will have a certain misunderstanding.While some might consider Fan to be particularly lofty, at least to some irrational fans, he is no different from other high-profile players.What Fan Zhendong needs to do is to cultivate his mind. If he wants to avoid being disturbed by all external forces, he needs to prove himself with more stable results. When your performance drops, it will inevitably lead to discussion.Do not know the majority of fans how to see friends, welcome to leave a message to discuss.Follow jiro shenkan, bring you the purest table tennis thinking.Chen Dream’s grand Slam dream has always been in the face of the hometown media said liu Guoliang’s three-man theory, with the rise of Wang Manyu, is undergoing a significant test to learn more exciting content, come to pay attention to Jiro shenkang ball