A week most bear shares: 5 days down 24%, shareholder account losses are 50 thousand, Wang Sicong also stepped on thunder

2022-04-30 0 By

Liu Zhentao closed, the volatility of the day A shares also finally no longer fluctuate, this week (February 14 – February 18) drop list of the top ten stocks also came out.According to flush data, this week’s top ten stocks are: Amethyst storage, huhua shares, Jincai Internet, Nanshan Holdings, Yuan-Long Yatu, Shennan Shares, Huitong Group, Jinglan Technology, Cuiwei shares, publishing media.Among them, four stocks five days cumulative decline of more than 20%;”Ice pier pier” concept unit long yatu 5 days down 19.95%, the enthusiasm of market speculation gradually flameout.This week, the biggest five-day decline was amethyst Storage, down 24.77%.K chart data shows that on February 18, Amethyst storage rose 3.27%, the latest share price is 14.52 yuan/share, the latest total market value is 2.764 billion yuan.Due to amethyst storage in February 14 to February 17, four trading days of continuous decline, and February 14 dropped 20%, today’s stock price rise did not change its overall decline, amethyst storage 24.77% decline became the worst this week, the total market value of about 900 million yuan.Data show that as of the end of September 30, 2021, amethyst Storage has a total of 17,600 shareholders.According to this estimate, the average loss of shareholders in 5 days is about 50,000 yuan.Data shows that amethyst storage’s main business for mass optical storage equipment and high-end burnable Blu-ray disc research and development, production and sales.The company’s main products hardware products, software, solutions, direct reading remote reading table head.On February 26, 2020, amethyst storage was listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board, almost two years ago.In its first year on the market, amethyst storage’s performance began to decline.In 2020, Amethyst storage realized annual net profit of 104 million yuan, down 24.71% year on year.In 2019, the net profit of Amethyst storage was 138 million yuan, up 31.35% year on year.The latest 2021 performance forecast shows that amethyst storage is expected to 2021 net profit of 6.5-9.75 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 90.60%;93.74%.After just two years on the market, amethyst storage has undergone a major face change.Amethyst storage this week so big drop, and its case investigation by the SECURITIES Regulatory Commission.On February 12, Amethyst storage announced that it was under investigation by the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) on suspicion of information disclosure violations.The outside world believes that this probability and 2020 annual report information disclosure.Amethyst Storage’s 2020 annual report was audited by shu Lun Pan Accounting Firm, which issued a qualified audit report.The audit institution asked the amethyst storage for information on the prepaid technology development fee, equipment payment and the recovery of receivables, but the listed company did not pay any attention to it and did not provide sufficient information and information.Audit institutions are unable to adequately audit items such as accounts receivable, so they can only issue audit reports with qualified opinions.Superposition amethyst storage listed performance began to change face, the company attracted the attention of the regulatory authorities, the CSRC decided to investigate its case.In the scale amethyst storage shareholder group, an investor said, “I lost all the money I made in other stocks.”Some investors said, “Wang Sicong also unfortunately in the trick, stepped on the thunder crystal storage.”It is understood that By the end of March 31, 2021, Wang Sicong’s Tianjin Impulse Capital became the second largest circulating shareholder of Amethyst Storage, holding 4,988,500 shares.As at the end of September 30, 2021, Tianjin Price Capital reduced its holdings by 1,903,800 shares and still held 3,084,700 shares.Amethyst storage has fallen 27% since September 30, 2021, and if Tianjin Impulse Capital had not reduced its holdings, its market value would have declined significantly.At present, for the investigation of amethyst storage, the CSRC is still investigating, I believe that amethyst storage problems will emerge as the results of the investigation.What do you think of amethyst storage’s 24% drop in five trading days this week?Leave a comment below!