Science and technology, education and cultural institutions, please note, invite you together to the future

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Science and technology, education and cultural institutions, please pay attention to, from now on, popular science magazine open recruitment of cooperative institutions, recruitment channel officially opened!We specially invite you to the future together!Founded in 1980, Popular Science is the only science and technology and popular science periodical in Guizhou province that is publicly distributed at home and abroad. It is supervised and sponsored by Guizhou Daily Contemporary Rong Media Group.With the concept of “Witnessing technological innovation and promoting scientific popularization”, the magazine is committed to promoting the spirit of innovation and disseminating scientific ideas.Interpreting scientific and technological innovation cases and reporting frontier information of science.During its 42 years of development, popular Science has gained many loyal readers and won many representative awards such as “The most beautiful Periodical in China”, “The First National Science and Technology Periodical Award”, “China Excellent Science Popularization Periodical Award”, “National Excellent Science and Technology Periodical Award” and “World Chinese Excellent Periodical Award for Science Popularization”.In the New Year, Popular Science will focus on guizhou’s characteristic industries and highlight scientific and technological innovation achievements.Based on popular science education, the popularization of scientific knowledge and methods for young people.At the same time, relevant articles with certain academic level and application value will be published to build a platform for educational exchanges and popular science interaction.According to the national Ministry of Education and the China Association for Science and Technology on making full use of the popular science resources booster “ShuangJian” work requirements, at the same time, to better meet the readers, especially young people on science and technology innovation, science, history and culture of demand, the popular science magazine is now facing the whole country public recruiting popular science, education and culture of science and technology cooperation organization.Our expected partners are: 1. Popular science base, science and technology enterprises and institutions, scientific research institutes with certain characteristics.2. All kinds of famous primary and secondary schools (including vocational schools, kindergartens), research institutions, etc.3. Institutes, business associations and cultural media organizations with certain influence or strength.The cooperation content we expect is as follows: 1. Popular Science magazine will publish the information of cooperative units in a prominent position for a long time, and establish friendship links for cooperative units.2. Cooperative units of Popular Science magazine are cooperative institutions of science and technology, popular science, education and culture.3. Popular Science provides free internal and external publicity support to partners.4. “Popular Science” magazine and visualize News “Popular Science” channel publish new achievements and news updates for cooperative units free of charge.5. During the cooperation, both parties will jointly plan and carry out activities (not limited to) in science and technology, popular science, education and culture.6. During the cooperation, both sides will jointly promote the development of scientific and technological innovation, popular science education, history and culture in Guizhou.1. The solicitation period starts from January 1, 2022.We welcome interested cooperation organizations to send relevant materials by email.1. Subject line: Application for collaboration with Popular Science.2. Body content: Company name and introduction;Cooperation intention or proposal;Relevant qualification certificate;Contact person and contact information (mobile phone number).3. Email: Contact person: Ms. Gao 18984036877.1. The cooperation organization shall ensure that the qualification certificate in the email is true and valid and bear corresponding responsibilities.2. Popular Science reserves the right to interpret this recruitment activity.Guizhou daily Sky eye news reporter editor Piyadan editor dry Jiangdong Luo Wei article recommended “I have a pair of very ugly feet…”I just want to get married to the right person every festival?